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This Weeks Speaker
Feb 06, 2019
Selected Students from Nassau County
2019 District 6970 Regional Rotary Oratory Contest

The Rotary Club of South Jacksonville will be sponsoring the annual District 6970 Area Oratory Contest at our club on February 6th for selected students from Nassau County High Schools.  This is always an amazing event to watch these young adults speak about a given subject.

Oratory Chair for District 6970, Tomas A. Jimenez, Jr. from the South Jacksonville Rotary Club, will be sending us all information as to who the speakers will be and what the subject is they will be speaking about.  As a club, we will be voting on who wins this regional event and moves on to the District's final event soon after.

Last Weeks Speaker

W. Henry “Hank” Hurst, Jr., CPA - President, & Chief Executive Officer and partner Jaret P. Rice, CPA, Vice President, & Chief Financial Officer of the Hurst Company brought the club up to speed with the new tax laws effective 2019.

I'll preface this information with admittance that a lot of information was given and should you want a more clear definition, please contact Mr. Hurst or Mr. Rice for exact clarification.  
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into law on December 22nd 2017.  Effective for calendar year 2019, there has been some changes with the individual tax rate.  Here is what I captured:
Again....better for you to evaluate this than I!
For personal exemptions, the new tax reform suspends deductions to zero.  You can no longer claim personal or dependency exemptions.
Alimony payments are no longer deductible for post 2018 divorce agreements.  Alimony received is no longer taxable for the recipient for post 2018 agreements. So prior divorce agreements are grandfathered in and remain unaffected. 
Moving expenses - Job-related moving expenses are no longer deductible.  Certain military personnel are allowed the deduction. The exclusion for moving expense reimbursements has been suspended.
For Standard Deduction of Married Filing Jointly is at $24,000.   For Head of Household is at $18,000 and for Single it's at $12,000.
For State & Local Tax Deductions, it has dropped and is "Limited" to $10,000 (married filing Jointly) to $5,000 (married filing single).
Mortgage Interest - Only deductible on debt up to $750,000.  Pre December 16, 2017, mortgages are grandfathered in to the previous $1,000,000 debt.  The HELOC is not longer deductible, however, there are some exceptions and you would have to check with your CPA on this subject.
Miscellaneous deductions subject to the 2% of AGI limit are no longer allowed! This includes items such as:
Tax preparation fees
Investment and advisory fees
Union Dues
Unreimbursed employee expenses
There was a lot to the Child & Family Tax Credit so my advice would be to check with your CPA on this subject!
Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) - For Married, it's up to $109,400 and for Single to $70,300
It went on to become more involved at this point in time but you have the jest of some bigger things.  Your CPA or speak with the Hurst Company CPA's to get even more details of other area's including Business affects and the tax cuts and Jobs Act!
This is all I have with this subject for now.
Last Weeks Meeting Highlights

President Ron Heymann called the meeting to order.  



Dr. Page lead the club singing a patriotic song. "God Bless America" followed by "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" and "I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing"


Rotarian Dr. Page leading the club in song!


Recited our "Pledge of Allegiance"


Followed with an excellent invocation by Rotarian Joe Hastey


Secretary, John McAfee Report:

In attendance were 34 Club Members.  38 total attended the meeting.


Honorary Rotarian Members in attendance - Larry Myers and Jim Hicks


Visiting Rotarians:  Bob Ward from Ada, Ohio, Joe Gullo from Gatlinburg, TN, Pete Stevenson & Ann Apt from the Sunrise Club


Visiting Guests: None this meeting


50/50 Jack Pot:  @$134  - Rotarian Joe Hastey  had the drawn ticket and drew the 10 of Spades ! 44 cards remaining.


Boy Scouts: $26

Shelter Box: $43



Sergeant at Arms, Larry Melnick:

No Report


Rotarian Larry Melnick with some good trivia for us


President-Elect, Antoinette Richter:       

Reporting the Rotarians who were supporting the Boys & Girls Club of Nassau County "Swing To Open Doors" Golf Event at the Golf Club of Amelia Island this past Friday.  Not pictured who supported the event was Rick Keffer.

Rotarians Ray Whitehead & Frank Gagnier with President Elect Antoinette Richter

Rotarians Larry Melnick and Rick Campana & his team.


John Howard, Community Services Report:

John thanked everyone for a great successful blood drive turnout!


John Boylan, Director of Youth Services Report:

New information forthcoming

Upcoming home games of Simon at FBHS (Exchange Student)…

LAST GAME IS Monday, Feb 4th at home against University Christian 7pm


Kris Meyer, Public Relations Report:

1    Majority of publicity for Scholarship Luncheon is complete.

2    CALL TO ACTION:  Each member to contact two (non-restaurant) businesses and endorse the fund drive on social media.  Contact Kris or Bradley Bean if you need help with social media.

3    Scholarship applications available at local public high schools.  Pamela Brenner to provide deadlines, which will then be submitted to NL and other media and social media.


Barbara Gingher, Fundraising Report:

Everyone should be involved with the Luncheon whether you're on the committee or not!

Scholarship Luncheon Event.  The Rotary Club of Fernandina Beach’s annual scholarship luncheon will be held on February 7, and features a surf-and-turf menu prepared by the culinary team at Fernandina Beach High School under the direction of Chef Michael Gass.


Pam Crouser, Club Membership Report:

No Report


Nick Klein, Club Social Events Report:

Reminded everyone about the event coming up that was yesterday.  More on this event below.


President Ron Heymann, Club Report:

Tickets to our 2nd Annual Scholarship Lunch are limited and selling fast.  The Cost is $300 per individual or $500 per couple.  Corporate sponsorship opportunities are available at $1000, $2500 and $5000 levels. See Ray Whitehead for the information Sheet.

Even if you cannot attend the lunch, please consider donating what you are comfortable with.  We are a 501(c) organization so your contribution is tax deductible (consult you tax advisor).  100% of your contribution will be used to send a local kid to college and help them achieve their dreams.

Checks can be made payable to:

The Rotary Club of Fernandina Beach (Please write Scholarship on the Memo Line)

PO Box 16046

Fernandina Beach, FL 32035  

Ladies and gentlemen - we all support our community in different ways through Rotary.  Unquestionably, we are some of the busiest humanitarians around - and we do that work humbly and tirelessly.  A sincere thanks to each and every one of you for the support that you provide to the Club, the community and world around us, and for bearing the torch of  "Service above Self".



I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all of our Club members who showed up to the Rise Against Hunger event yesterday.  There were at least 20 members of the Rotary Club of Fernandina Beach in attendance - and some spouses, too!  Both Interact clubs- Yulee and Fernandina Beach HS - showed up in force.  Among the 320 local volunteers, there were representatives from Rotary Clubs up and down the First Coast - Amelia Sunrise, Jacksonville Northside "Zoo Crew", Arlington, Ponte Vedra, and even District Governor Jeanette Loftus came up from Daytona.   All in all, in 90 minutes, we packed 52,000 emergency rations to be distributed to those in dire need around the globe.

And it was fun. 

President Ron Heymann



Debra Connelly, Club Foundation Report:

Nothing new to report at this time


Dear 2018-19 club presidents, secretaries, treasurers, membership chairs, and Rotary Foundation chairs:

We have launched Rotary’s redesigned Learning Center, and your new club officer courses are now ready.

First steps
If you don’t have a My Rotary account, learn how to create one. If you do have an account, sign in and:
  1. Go to
  2. Take the Getting Started With the Learning Center course to see all the ways you can use the new Learning Center.
  3. Search for the learning plan for your role:
  4. Club Administration Committee Basics 
  5. Club Service Projects Committee Basics
  6. Club Public Image Committee Basics
  7. Club Rotary Foundation Committee Basics
  8. Club Membership Committee Basics
  9. Club Treasurer Basics
  10. Club Secretary Basics