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August 1, 1981
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August 8, 2007
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August 15, 2018
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August 19, 2009
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This Weeks Speaker
Mary Ann Blackall, Osprey Village | Lifestyle Advisor
Continuing Care of Retirement Living
I did not receive any pictures or a bio of Mary Ann 
Last Weeks Speaker
Rotarian Kris Meyer
Robotic Process Automation (or RPA)
RPA is a business systems computer approach, where they use software to replicate the actions of a human for repetitive tasks. Basic routine functions that are done over and over many times every day by staff and employees. However, it is not intended to replace humans, but to free them up for more important tasks and decision making, while the RPA does the routine repetitive stuff....compiling many source inputs...mining Data and using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to prepare findings and recommendations.
Kris gave a few  examples of RPA:
In HR, a new hire has to fill out a lot of repetitive forms and applications: i.e., Parking Pass, Security Badge, Medical Benefits, Retirement Plan, Computer Access Password, Facial/Thumbprint recognition, Educational Assistance, etc., etc.  All the systems and processes for a new employee to check into a new company or for a departing/retiring employee to check out/leave a company.  With RPA, the employee fills out one data application and all the respective new enrollment steps are automatically completed.
Accounts Payable, instead of employees adding up all the pluses & minuses…the daily, weekly, monthly payments, the partial & full payments, the late payments…and preparing a monthly Accounts Payable Report…The RPA prepares the report automatically based upon daily input.  Then humans check the monthly report for accuracy/variances.
Medical Reports, a RPA scans a new patients medical history and previous lab work…then based upon the new hospital/clinic/Doctors specialty and recent medical research, prepares a suggested medial approach for the Doctor to review as to the best course of action to take with the new patient.
A recent April 3 article on the CEO of IBM presentation was discussed: IBM artificial intelligence can analyze data and produce an RPA report, which will predict, with 95% accuracy, which workers will be quitting their jobs in the future…when & why they will be quitting. Provides management with suggestions on how to engage and retain the employee....interesting!
Impact on Society
Academic studies project that RPA, among other technological trends, is expected to drive a new wave of productivity and efficiency gains in the global labor market. Although not directly attributable to RPA alone, Oxford University conjectures that up to 35% of all jobs may have been automated by 2035.
In a TEDx talk hosted by UCL in London, entrepreneur David Moss explains that digital labor in the form of RPA is not only likely to revolutionize the cost model of the services industry by driving the price of products and services down, but that it is likely to drive up service levels, quality of outcomes and create increased opportunity for the personalization of services.
Meanwhile, Professor Willcocks, author of the LSE paper cited above, speaks of increased job satisfaction and intellectual stimulation, characterizing the technology as having the ability to "take the robot out of the human", a reference to the notion that robots will take over the mundane and repetitive portions of people's daily workload, leaving them to be redeployed into more interpersonal roles or to concentrate on the remaining, more meaningful, portions of their day.
(Thank you Larry Myers for the feedback on this topic).
Last Weeks Meeting Highlights

President Ron Heymann called the meeting to order.  



Dr. Page lead the club singing a patriotic song!



Recited our "Pledge of Allegiance"


Followed by singing: 


An excellent invocation by Rotarian Larry Myers


Secretary, John McAfee Report:

In attendance were 27 Club Members.  31 total attended the meeting.


Honorary Rotarian Members in attendance -Larry Myers, Jim Hicks and Frank Ridley


Visiting Rotarians: Rotarian Bill Eisele from Bar Harbor Maine (soon to be transferring to our club permanently) smiley


Visiting Guests: No visitors this week


50/50 Jack Pot:  @$ 287 - Rotarian Rick Campana had the drawn ticket and pulled the "7 of Spades"  ! 34 cards remaining?


Boy Scouts: $14

Shelter Box: $39



Sergeant at Arms, Larry Melnick:

No Report -


President-Elect, Antoinette Richter:       

No Report -



John Howard, Community Services Report:

Only 6 donors this last round with Big Red


John Boylan, Director of Youth Services Report:

No Report -

Kris Meyer, Public Relations Report:

Volunteer Recognition Breakfast is ready for Friday morning! 



Barbara Gingher, Fundraising Report:

No report


Pam Crouser, Club Membership Report:

No Report


Nick Klein, Club Social Events Report:

No Report


President Ron Heymann, Club Report:

Need 8 volunteers for Thursday night and Friday morning for the BKF 

Club members gave financial support for several club members to participate in the Katie Ride!


Debra Connelly, Club Foundation Report:

Deb has reached out to the club looking for volunteers to join he Club Foundation Committee.  Please see Deb if you are interested in helping her out if you are not already on a committee. Looking for some support. Thanks

Annual Volunteer Recognition Breakfast
The Annual Volunteer Recognition Awards Event
The event is not new but it was our Fernandina Beach Rotary Club's first; taking over as the sponsor.  In the past, it was a luncheon but we decided as a club to have it as a breakfast instead.  Attendance was respectable and we will surely build on it's popularity moving forward.
The breakfast was catered by a long time Fernandina Beach Chef, Kenny Pickett with coffee, tea, juice, fruit, tatters along with your choice of Bacon, Sausage or Vegetable & Egg Tortillas. 
Each participating organization had the opportunity to recognize and introduce their Volunteer Of The Year in front of everyone. Below are the pictures I took for each organization's presentation.  I did not get any list as to who was who for everyone so to be fair, I left that part out except for our own club's announcement by President Elect, Rotarian Antoinette Richter.
President Ron Heymann with opening remarks at the Annual Volunteer Recognition Breakfast
Breakfast was catered by Chef Kenny Pickett
Janice Ancrum, CEO of Nassau County Counsel On Aging presents one of our very own Rotarians, Nick Klein as their Volunteer Of The Year recipient.
Congratulations Nick!!
Fernandina Beach Rotarian and President Elect Antoinette Richter announcing our clubs Volunteer Of The Year........
With all the responsibility as our Club President for "2" years in-a-row and the many hours he added volunteering his time for others as well, we all agreed that our very own President was more than deserving to be our "Volunteer Of The Year" 2019.
Congratulations President Ron Heymann!!!