Recently, the Fernandina Beach Rotary Club welcomed Jason Mudd as guest speaker. Mudd, who has owned AXIA Public Relations for 10 years, is an accredited public relations consultant with an impressive client list, including Fidelity National Information Services, Hilton, Rayonier, Verizon and other internationally known companies. He spoke to the club about the impact social media – such as Facebook and Twitter – can have on companies small and large. He said nearly all businesses should consider including social media in their branding and marketing strategies. By doing so, Mudd said, companies can reach an even larger market of consumers, particularly younger ones. However, he noted that because so many of today’s consumers post their impressions of companies on social media sites, even a handful of negative comments or bad reviews can damage a company’s reputation. In closing he pointed out that managing a company’s reputation in a positive way is key to growing a successful business regardless of the type of marketing used.