The Fernandina Beach Rotary Club recently inducted the new board and officers. 

2012/2013 Outgoing Board


Left to Right: Jim Hook, Song Leader; Tim Wombles, Webmaster/Programs; Wally Messer, Bass; Bonnie Ridley, Piano; Val Schwek, Sgt at Arms; Melanie Ferreira,  Public Relations; Roger Ganzel, Newsletter; Dr. David Page, Foundation; Dr. Jay Kayne, Treasurer; Trip Clark, Fundraising; Shannon Brown, Past President and Youth Exchange; Vince Cavallo, Secretary; John Boylan, President. 

2013/2014 Incoming Board


Left to Right: Mary Ann Blackall, Programs; Dana McCoy, Foundation; Dr. David Page, President-Elect; Melanie Ferreira, Public Relations; Roger Ganzel, Newsletter; Tony Brauda, Treasurer;  Vince Cavallo, Secretary; Shannon Brown, President; and Larry Myers, Master of Ceremonies.

Rotarian of the Year Rick Keffer


Left to Right: Rick Keffer and President John Boylan

Appreciation Plaque for John Boylan


Left to Right: John Boylan and Shannon Brown

During its last meeting in June, the Fernandina Beach Rotary Club looked back at a successful year, recognized its outgoing Board and welcomed a new Board of Directors for the upcoming year. Outgoing President John Boylan began the meeting by reviewing the club’s accomplishments of the past year, including the continuation of a successful college scholarship program and the establishment of new legacy programs. Boylan explained that at the start of his tenure he had hoped to leave a mark by encouraging club members to more fully support the Rotary Foundation by contributing through Paul Harris Fellowships and to the Benefactor and Bequest Society. He applauded the club for embracing this goal and noted that several members had achieved Paul Harris Fellowships while others had added the Rotary Foundation to their estate plans. He also noted the club’s continued commitment to raising scholarship funding by hosting a variety of community events such as the Attesti piano concert and the Jim Dawsey Memorial Clay Shoot.   


Boylan then announced the selection of Rick Keffer as Rotarian of the Year. Boylan said that Keffer deserved the prestigious award because of his outstanding work as Membership Director, which led to a 10 percent increase in new, highly energized members, and for spearheading the club’s Rotary Magic Disney trip with 23 third graders from Emma Love Hardee Elementary School. He thanked Keffer for always stepping up to give of himself and his support whenever he was needed by the club.   


Boylan also recognized the outgoing Board of Directors and thanked them for their hard work throughout the year. They included: Secretary and Club Administrator Vince Cavallo, Youth Exchange/RYLA/Youth Service Director Shannon Brown, Treasurer Dr. Jay Kayne, Community Service Director John Howard, Club Service Director Trip Clark, Club Foundation Director Dr. David Page, Membership Director Rick Keffer, Sergeant at Arms Val Schwec, Bulletin Editor Roger Ganzel, P.R. Director Melanie Ferreira and Program Director/Webmaster Tim Wombles. He also thanked Jim Hook, Wally Messer and Bonnie Ridley for the wonderful music they have provided for every meeting. 


Boylan then passed the gavel to Incoming President Shannon Brown who thanked the club for having faith in her to serve a second time as president. She said she planned to continue the legacy projects so important to the club and announced that one of the club’s biggest past scholarship fundraisers – the Harlem Ambassadors – would be returning in February 2014. Brown said that with a successful Ambassadors event, the club will add significantly to the $314,000 it has given in scholarships since 1996. She said the club would continue its commitment to such long-time programs as the Dictionary Project, twice yearly blood drives, the Boy Scouts and Interact as well as the Rotary Youth Exchange Program through which the club has brought numerous exceptional students from other countries to study in Nassau County. Brown closed by saying her goal in the coming year is to have the club develop more local partnerships and search for additional resources that would allow the club to take its community and international projects to an even higher level than in years past. With the assistance of Past President Larry Myers, Brown then swore in the 2013-2014 Fernandina Beach Rotary Club Board of Directors, including: Past President/Youth Exchange and Youth Service Director John Boylan, President-Elect Dr. David Page, Secretary and Club Administrator Vince Cavallo, Treasurer Tony Brauda, Club Service Director John Howard, Club Foundation Director Dana McCoy, P.R. Director Melanie Ferreira, Program Director Mary Ann Blackall, Bulletin Editor Roger Ganzel, Webmaster Tim Wombles, Jaguar Relations Chair Trip Clark, Fundraising Chair Sean McGill and Interact Chair Dawn Karpel.