When disaster strikes, Rotarians are often ShelterBox’s first point of contact on the ground to help assess damages and devise a plan for immediate response. The Rotary family provides vital assistance to ShelterBox Response Teams (SRTs) by helping with disaster assessments, housing response team volunteers, and helping coordinate relief logistics. Rotarians, Rotaractors, and Interactors have worked with ShelterBox for more than ten years to help communities in dire need of assistance immediately following a disaster. Here are a just a few recent examples of how the two organizations work together:
  • ShelterBox has been working relentlessly with Rotarians in the Philippines since 9 November to provide emergency shelter and relief to communities affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan, the largest recorded storm to reach landfall. ShelterBox aid is also being distributed to those affected by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that struck the Philippines on 15 October. Read more about the emergency relief appeal and visit the Announcements section of Rotary.orgfor updates as more information becomes available.
  • In August 2013, the Niamey region of Niger was devastated by ongoing torrential rains causing severe flooding, uninhabitable conditions, ruined crops, and decimated livestock. TheRotary Club of Niamey, Niger, worked with the ShelterBox Response Team and other partners to assist thousands of families by setting up and training local communities to set up disaster relief tents.
  • In October 2013, Rotarian David Johnson, member of Rotary Club of Hoddesdon, England, set out to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with his sons Nick and Tom to raise money for ShelterBox and other charities they support. The Johnson team trained for months to scale the Uhuru Peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest summit on Kibo’s crater rim. Read about the team’s journey
  • The Rotary Club of Helston-Lizard, England, honored ShelterBox Response Team memberMr. Joe Cannon with a club award in recognition of his voluntary efforts to deliver aid to communities in need of assistance. Since 2004, Mr. Cannon has been on 22 deployments, most recently helping Syrian refugees in Jordan.
Refer to the ShelterBox-RI Fact Sheet for more information about local or international service opportunities with ShelterBox and contact a ShelterBox international affiliate to start working together.