Recently, the Fernandina Beach Rotary Club welcomed Florida Senator Aaron Bean, a long time club member and past president, who provided a legislative update for the club. Bean said that, while the session is technically only 60-days long, legislators begin meetings in Tallahassee some two and a half months beforehand. The primary goal is crafting a balanced budget, which is required by the state’s constitution. Legislators passed a $77.1 billion budget, which includes increased spending for education. Bean said other legislative priorities included decreasing taxes and fees and he noted that we should soon see a reduction in the cost of tags and driver’s licenses. In addition, legislators implemented three tax-free holidays this fiscal year: Hurricane Preparedness Week, the Back to School Tax-Free Week and the Energy Efficiency Week, which will give tax breaks on Energy Star appliance purchases. He added that of the 1,821 bills introduced this session, only 269 passed and have already gone to Governor Scott for his signature or veto. Senator Bean closed by saying his goal is to represent the interests of the people of Nassau County and Northeast Florida and to implement laws that address the needs of families.