The Fernandina Beach Rotary Club recently heard about Project: Cold Case, a non-profit organization founded by Jacksonville resident Ryan Backmann to assist families who have lost a loved one to murder. In 2010, Backmann's own father was murdered in broad daylight while working a construction job. The perpetrator was never caught and, eventually, the case was suspended for lack of evidence. Backmann's sense of grief and outrage motivated him to become a victim's advocate for other's who'd suffered similar losses. Most of the families he worked with had found some closure with the apprehension of the murderer. But, with an estimated 15,000 unsolved homicides in Florida alone, he often heard from others who felt their murdered family member had been forgotten by the police, media and the public. As a result, Backmann launched Project: Cold Case, which gives families from all over the country a chance to publicize their case, share information and keep alive the search for clues to their loved one's murder.