Recently, the Fernandina Beach Rotary Club welcomed Nassau Alcohol, Crime Drug Abatement Coalition (NACDAC) Prevention Director Kerrie Albert as a guest speaker. Albert explained that NACDAC was begun in 2002 as a grassroots coalition of local business and community leaders to tackle issues of underage substance abuse in our community. The non-profit organization, funded in part by the Florida Department of Children and Families, partners with Nassau County schools, religious organizations, law enforcement agencies, healthcare professionals and other area organizations to reduce underage drinking and drug use. A key component of NACDAC’s mission is educating the public, particularly youth, about drug trends and the serious consequences and side effects of drug abuse. Albert went on to talk about the dangers that so-called “designer drugs” like Bath Salts, Cheese, K2 and Drunken Gummies pose to youth in our community. She noted that many of these drugs, which are similar to heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana, are highly addictive, have serious –sometimes fatal consequences – and are inexpensive and readily available. NACDAC reaches out to students through Youth Coalition groups at all four Nassau County High Schools to offer help and education and to gain information about local drug availability. In closing, Albert said caring, supportive parents and other adult role models who talk to their teens, educate them about the dangers of drug and alcohol use and encourage them to participate in positive social activities are the best line of defense for discouraging risky behavior.