The Fernandina Beach Rotary Club was both inspired and moved by a recent presentation by member, Pierre Guite. Guite shared the story of a man born in Canada in the early 1900s who was so severely afflicted by Polio that his legs were all but useless. This man, Pierre said, never gave in to his disability. Instead, he found ways to support himself and nurtured dreams of a wife and family. In the 1940s, a doctor vacationing in the area offered to help the man. The physician's idea was as much about using the man as a guinea pig as anything. Desperate to be good husband material, the man agreed and suffered through three years of experimentation,including having his lower legs amputated. While none of the experiments worked, he met and married the woman of his dreams and had the child he'd always wanted. That child was Pierre himself. His father, Maurice, was the inspiration that fueled everything he has accomplished Pierre said, including a career in the NHL with the Chicago Blackhawks and now as a successful local Realtor.