Posted by Frank Gagnier
What a great time everyone had at our Social at the Chem Cell Club House.  The food was amazing and Chef Heymann was on the grill with steaks and chicken (but no ribs....that's a first)!
CheI guess we can add baked President Ron Heymann on the grill...…..I guess we can add baked potatoes as well.
We were celebrating the success of the Taste of Amelia event where we raised $12,000 smiley to add to our Scholarship Fund for the 2019 Senior graduates of Nassau County.  Up next is the Luncheon the first week in February sponsored by the Rick and Hollie Keffer.  
President Ron holding the Check!!!!
We had the social this past Wednesday evening in lieu of our normal Wednesday, noon meeting.  The theme was to wear your favorite teams colors which was a mixture of College and Professional team colors.
President Ron's family - Wife Reagan, Daughter Kate and son Jack
Everyone chipped in with extras such as salads, bread, dessert, fruits & vegetables.  The spread was awesome and everyone certainly filled their belly's.  Beer and Wine were left overs from the Taste of Amelia.  Soda and water were added as well.
Thanks so much to Rotarian & Past President Pam Crouser for all these wonderful pictures.  We apologize if anyone was left out it certainly was not intended.....we were just having a great time! Enjoy the pictures!
Rotarian's Frank and Bonnie Ridley
Rotarian's President Elect Antoinette Richter and Past President John Boylan
Rotarian's John McAffee, Dr. David Page, husband of Rotarian Kris Meyer Mike Fay & Kris Meyer and Tony Baia 
Rotarian's Pierre Guite and Jerry Hinson with his guest Wanda Wells
Rotarians Pam Brenner and visiting Rotarians from France Dick Stevenson & Carol Stevenson (a past Club President in France)
Rotarians Bradley Bean, Deb Connelly and Larry Myers
Rotarian's Jonathan Levitt, Barbara Gingher, Ray Whitehead and Mary Ruark
Rotarian Rick Keffer and wife Hollie. Rotarian Nick Klein
Rotarian's Barbara Gingher and Eric Belley
Club President & Chef Ron Heymann and wife Reagan
AS A BONUS:  I just couldn't resist....sorry Joe cool
Rotarian Joe Hastey now sporting a new hair-doo?  I think it's awesome!
Will it help his game? We shall see surprise