Recently the Fernandina Beach Rotary Club welcomed Nassau County Attorney David Hallman as guest speaker. Hallman has served as the county’s attorney since 2007. He explained that Nassau County is a non-charter government with a number of county agencies not answerable to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC), but that also receive a cut of all ad valorem taxes collected in the county. He noted that the BOCC actually receives only 24 cents of every tax dollar collected, yet provides such services as Fire/Rescue, Animal Control, Public Works, Emergency Management and more. Hallman also spoke of the work his office handles for the county. He said he views himself and his three employees as the county’s “risk management” team charged with minimizing the potential for lawsuits against the county. He noted that most counties of a size similar to Nassau spend more than $1 million on outside legal counsel while Nassau County has kept litigation costs at some $35,000 per year, saving taxpayer dollars. Hallman also pointed to several legal actions that the county had initiated resulting in positive state-wide legislative changes, including a law allowing for public-private partnerships for the construction of new roads and the repeal of outdated restaurant seating restrictions. Hallman closed by saying the residents of Nassau County should feel confident in the strength of their county commission because they have made a difference both locally and at the state level with their commitment to do the right thing.