Recently, the Fernandina Beach Rotary Club welcomed former Nassau County Commission Chairman Mike Boyle who spoke to the club about his 27 years as an FBI Special Agent. Boyle said he followed in his father’s footsteps when joining the FBI. His father became an agent in 1935 and was involved in the capture of some of the eight Nazi saboteurs who landed in two separate submarines off of Long Island and Ponte Vedra in 1942. Boyle then shared anecdotes about some of the cases he worked, including numerous bank robberies, computer fraud crimes and, perhaps most notably, the pursuit of members of the Symbionese Liberation Army. He said in the past the FBI designated cases according to the type of crime committed: general crime, white-color crime, organized crime, drug crimes and foreign counter-intelligence. However, in recent years the FBI has become more involved in national security and counter-terrorism and less involved in law enforcement. He pointed to the case of his son who became a third-generation agent in 1995 and is currently working in Afghanistan to prevent bombs and weapons of mass destruction from reaching the U.S.