Posted by Frank Gagnier
Past President Pam Crouser and Mary Hamburg
Public Information Officer
Special Events & Permitting:
As PIO, Mary will be handling both media and social networking communications for the City of Fernandina Beach. Today she talked about permitting special events and its process.
As the Public Information Officer, Mary’s second responsibility is special events planning of Banner Hangings on 8th street, Centre and Lime street including Pole Banners.  Any event that has Alcohol with it must be permitted through Mary’s office.  Additionally, any event with more than 500 people or any street closures or food trucks and or even overnight parking must go through Mary’s office.  If the event is outside and is going to have amplified music, you will need to be permitted to do so through Mary’s office.
All these items needing permits must be submitted and approved at least 60 days in advance of the scheduled date of the event. You may contact Mary via phone at 904-310-3102 or
Mary Hamburg
Special event Permitting process
  1. Submit your application
  2. Attend an event committee meeting
  3. Pay a refundable security deposit within two-weeks of the event
  4. Provide Certificate of Insurance, obtain a temporary Liquor License in Jacksonville if needed
  5. Remaining balance due before the event
Organizer is responsible for logistics before, during and after the event.  Mary’s office handles work orders (such as electrical, water, barricades, etc.) and communications with Police & Fire.
Otherwise, any event that does not need the above items may contact the Parks and Recreation office on Atlantic at 904-310-3350 and not Mary’s office.
Administrative Services Manager
City Commissioner Agenda Highlights:
Nicole has worked for the City of Fernandina Beach for 11 years now and the past six years in the City Manager’s Office. One of Nicole’s primary responsibilities is the compilation and preparation of City Commission agendas with the City Commissioners meeting in regular session 24 times per year. Additional workshops, special meetings and budget meetings, are scheduled on an as-needed basis depending on the topic or situation.
Regular Meeting agendas consist of Proclamations, Presentations, Consent Agenda, Resolutions, Ordinances, Board Appointments, and Discussion Items. Nicole focused on the function of the Consent agenda and how Resolutions and Ordinances are born. Here is what see told us:
The Consent Agenda groups together Resolutions which are customary and standard in nature thereby allowing the City Commission to make one motion to approve Consent Agenda items without having a lengthy discussion. However, a Commissioner may remove a Consent Agenda item if they wish to discuss the item in detail.
A Resolution formalizes the City Commission’s expression of opinion, will, or intent. Common uses for Resolutions may be the transfer of funds from one account to another, agreement approval, City policy approval, and purchases or services over $20,000, etc. Any purchase over $20,000 requires a Resolution and only one presentation to the City Commission is needed for its approval.
Ordinances are completely different. They regulate persons or property. Ordinances are adopted municipal acts that have the force and effect of a law, the violation of which may be enforced by the Code Enforcement Department or the Police Department, if necessary for instance.
Examples of Ordinances include zoning changes, land use changes, and Code related items. Ordinances must be presented to the City Commission a minimum of 2 times – 1st and 2nd reading usually one month apart. Also, a Public Hearing for each Ordinance must be properly noticed in the local newspaper.
Most Resolutions and Ordinances have voluminous supporting documentation which, when the agenda is entirely compiled, typically totals between 600 - 800 pages which equals almost 2 reams of paper. In years past, one agenda packet was printed for each Commissioner and key administrative staff. This task alone required almost 16 reams of paper! Crazy!
The City has recently acquired agenda management software to streamline the agenda processes now and as a result, the City staff is now able to focus on more pressing matters.
The Club thanks you two for your time and for speaking in front of us. Thank you!