Posted by Frank Gagnier

Donna Paz Kaufman & Mark Kaufman

Donna Kaufman, President Ron Heymann and Mark Kaufman
Indie Bookstore Renaissance & Shop Local Movement
The Kaufman's and their employees
The Renaissance of Independent Bookstores
Presented by Donna and Mark Kaufman
Buy local, support local businesses and help grow the local economy; appeared to be their main theme in their presentation.  Mark and Donna said it, "Paper isn't dead!"  Being we all live here in a paper mill town, that's good to know for sure!
A renaissance of Indie Bookstores is happening now. Their Story & Song Neighborhood Book Store Bistro offers a lot more than just books.  Today's new movement also offers coffee, wine, music, art, gifts, post cards and conversation to name a few.  The beauty of their venue is that they have the opportunity to present merchandise in the store and courtyard, as well as on The Second Story, which will be a showcase of local art, incorporating gallery wall space in addition to a retail boutique area.
Most book stores have readings, author signings, etc. but Mark and Donna offer so much more.  They offer a consignment relationship that involves the author/artisan and the bookstore, working together to meet the goal of achieving recognition for and sales of their work. They invite all authors to submit a form on their website that allows authors/artisans an opportunity to begin an open dialogue about a collaboration with Story & Song.  Something new.
An interesting chart they shared with us was; the unit sales of print and e-books in millions:
2010 - Print = 718 vs. E-book = 69
2012 - Print = 591 vs. E-book = 215
2015 - Print = 653 vs. E-book = 204
Shows that most still want their face in a hand held book!  The source was not spoken of but I'm curious what the numbers are today in 2018.
It was clear they are not fans of Amazon, stating that money spent on Amazon doesn't add to the economic growth of a community like buying local would.  There is validity to that statement.  Mark mentioned that if you own a "Kindle" you can only buy from Amazon and therefore you are stuck with them.  There is truth to that statement as well. local, read local and spend local.  Support your local businesses that create jobs that help grow our economy like The Story & Song Neighborhood Bookstore Bistro!
We wish the Kaufman's success.  Thanks for taking the time to speak with us.