Posted by Frank Gagnier on Feb 09, 2019
The 2019 District 6970 Regional Rotary Oratory Contest was AWESOME! 
First, let me introduce the Rotarians from the Rotary Club of South Jacksonville who are the caretakers of this event.  In attendance were:

Tomas A. Jimenez, Jr. – Co-Chair of the Oratory Competition

Steve Madden – Co-Chair of the Oratory Competition

Dean Scott - Assistant Area Governor

Dinkins Grange

Les Loggins



Rotarian Tomas A. Jimenez, Jr., PA began opening remarks by introducing the Rotary team with him and the contestants.  The Nassau County Region Oratory Contestants in no particular order were:


Kiersten Wright - Hilliard Middle Senior High School


Lukas Smack  – West Nassau


Katie Slaughter - Fernandina Beach High School 


Mitchell Allen, V – Yulee High School


What they had to speak about:

What are developing cultural trends that will change our community at home and world wide over the next 20 years regarding social service to humanity?


Their theories must include trend identification, trend growth and projected anticipated outcomes. They had to support their argument through research, supporting data and quotes and/or opinions from cultural experts.



We Rotarians, were to score each speaker on seven different categories on a scale from 1 (below Par) to 4 (Excellent) adding up to a maximum of 28 total points:

Introduction, Organization, Content, Delivery, Timing/Pace, Grammar/Vocabulary and Conclusion.


While Votes were being calculated, Captain Prado from the Us Army spoke to the Club.



Every one of these young students were special for sure.  Scoring was difficult as they all did so well with there own subject of choice and everyone of the choices were very interesting!  When it was all said and done and the votes were in, the winner was:


Katie Slaughter - Fernandina Beach High School 



Katie Slaughter with Club President Ron Heymann


Contestants with Tomas A. Jimenez, Jr. – Co-Chair of the Oratory Competition & Club President Ron Heymann 


The Students with Army Sgt. First Class Graham and Army Captain Prado (co-sponsors)