Posted by Frank Gagnier
Rotarian Bradley Bean
Bradley Bean grew up right here on Amelia Island and graduated from Fernandina Beach H.S.  He went on to college at the University of Florida where he graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering in 2016.
Upon returning back home form UF, he became employed by Rayonier immediately as a Continuous Improvement Engineer.  His field of study is now relative to the Six Sigma Measurements of Quality Improvement that all industrial companies aspire to.  I will attempt at explaining this as follows:
Six Sigma and lean efficiency is what Bradley does at work every day, all day.  It's based on a measure of how many rejects there are to which less is better.  Six Sigma means 1.4 rejects per million tries and that's the goal of any industrial organization!  For example, increasing 3 to 6 sigma is over 20,000 times better!  He's striving for 6 smiley
On the side of everything else, Bradley loves coaching the FBHS robotics team after work and does Auctioneering at different events from time to time.  Additionally, Bradley is running for Fernandina Beach City Commissioner and is presently tied for a run-off vote in a few weeks.  Let's get out to vote for one of our own and get Bradley elected.  We do need some new ideas with greater vision.
Bradley is also the son of our Senator and fellow Rotarian, Aaron Bean.  Bradley is heading down the same path 
Dad, Senator & Rotarian Aaron Bean, son Gray Bean and son, Rotarian Bradley Bean
A Family affair
Rotarian Eric Belley
Eric has been a Rotarian for 13 years now and he presented his original club banner from Camden, Maine to our club with President Ron Heymann to start out with his craft talk.

Eric was Born in Lowell, MA and the youngest of 6 (3 brothers and two sisters).  Mother fort polio in 1950 during the epidemic while pregnant with his oldest sister who was born without birth defects surprisingly.  He lived in the same house for the first 25 yrs of his life. At age 2, he broke his leg thanks to his oldest brother, Bob (a story for another day). 


Eric has three sons, Nick, Marc and Mike.  He moved to Fernandina Beach in 2016 with Buddy and wife Bonny who is his best friend and fervent supporter.  Upon arriving her Eric started a successful painting business on the Island and currently has 5 painters on his crew.  The best crew in the business he says.  Knowing Eric, I believe it's true!

Absolutely loves living on this Island of Paradise.

Eric company is called the North Atlantic Painting Company located right here on Amelia Island.
Contact info: 904-261-3248 Located at 961687 Gateway Blvd. #101G in Fernandina Beach, FL 32034
Contact Eric Belley Direct:
(904) 627-0849
A Full Service Interior and Exterior Painting Company. We will paint the interior or exterior of your home or business using experienced painters and quality products. All painting estimates will be detailed and include explanations of the various stages in the painting project.
Club President Ron Heymann, Bradley Bean and Eric Belley