Posted by Frank Gagnier on Jan 17, 2018
Nassau County High School Students
The Rotary Oratory Contest
Wow......there were four of our brightest students in Nassau County representing us in the Rotary Oratory Contest that were outstanding to the point that counts had to be recounted to make sure there was a clear winner because the votes were so close. Our 4 participants were in order of the draw:
Gabrielle Gibb (Fernandina Beach H.S.) with Steve Madden, Rotarian & Emcee
Olivia Arenburgh (West Nassau H.S.) with Steve Madden
Cameron Driggers (Hilliard H.S.) with Steve Madden
Jaelyn Guyton (Yulee H.S.) with Steve Madden
Visiting Rotarian Steve Madden emceed the event. 
One of the major sponsors for this event; US Army, with SSgt Jonathan Thompson to give a short talk.
SSgt. Jonathan Thompson spoke of his journey with the Army while his college degree and graduate degree were being paid for by the US Army.  Encouraging young men and women to consider joining the armed forces to take advantage of this great opportunity to be educated without the debt.  Sounds like some great advice for all young students where financial support is limited otherwise!
Thank you sir, for taking the time out of your busy day to be with us and for representing the US Army.  And most importantly, we thank you for your service!!!
Other major sponsors of the Oratory Competition were SYNOVUS, Coastal Construction Products, First Coast Honda Dealers, Visiting Angels (Living Assistance Services) and Merrill Lynch/Bank of America.
In attendance were five other working Rotarians from South Jacksonville as Oratory Committee Members to tally the votes and determine the winner.  Each student gave a maximum 5 minute speech on Technology and how technology is being used and how it can help further education around the world and specifically, Polio.
All 4 students were awesome.  Their speeches were informative, energetic and well spoken!  Great job!!!
And the winner was:
Gabrielle Gibb (Fernandina Beach H.S.)   With President Ron Heymann presenting her with the Certificate
Spoken by several Rotarians present, these young students certainly gave us a birds eye view of our future leaders of this great country will be!  Promising for sure and in good hands!
We thank all of you who were involved in making this a great and successful event.