Posted by Frank Gagnier on Apr 22, 2019
Mary Ann Blackall, Lifestyle Advisor, Osprey Village
Mary Ann Blackall was born in Hope Mills, North Carolina and raised on the South side of Chicago. 
She will tell you that she had the best of both worlds while growing up; the excitement and culture of the big city, and the peaceful and character-building time she spent on her grandparents North Carolina farm in the summers!
School took Mary Ann to Michigan, and she fell in love with the state.  She stayed and lived in Holland, Michigan until moving to Fernandina Beach in 2005.
Some Career Highlights:
While living in Michigan, Mary Ann was enjoying her role as a Domestic Engineer, when one Sunday in church, she was approached by the Dean of a local private University who encouraged her to investigate an open position at the school.  That conversation led her to accepting the position as Director of Admissions for the University. 
After several years in college administration, she decided she wanted to try her hand in the business world, which led her to accepting a position as Director of Marketing & Business Development for a National, Commercial Construction Company, headquartered in Holland. 
Eventually, the hard hats and sledge hammer environment gave way to her desire for a role where she was again, helping people reach their potential, and she returned to college administration at a Private, Christian University in MI. 
When Mary Ann decided to make the move to Florida, she intended to explore what retirement would feel like.  She quickly discovered, she didn’t care for it!  Again as chance would have it in church one Sunday, a friend approached her about a position she should investigate.  That led to her accepting the position as Program Director for the Barnabas Center.
For seven years she handled managerial oversight of the Barnabas’s, Financial Assistance Program, Medical Clinic, Dental Clinic, Food Pantry & Volunteer Program. 
These days, she can be found at Osprey Village, where she enjoys helping people work through the various stages of transitioning to Senior, Retirement Living.
Mary Ann holds a Bachelor of Business Management Degree, with a concentration in Leadership from Davenport University, and various certifications and achievement awards, which she asserts are totally immaterial to today’s discussion; therefore, no need to mention them 😊