Posted by Frank Gagnier on Jan 12, 2019
Author Greg Knapp M.A.
"Do Less and Achieve More on Purpose"


"Do Less and Achieve More on Purpose"


Please excuse my absence (in WV on business) as I have no notes from Greg's presentation this past week. I know he was awesome!  Sorry! FG


Greg started studying personal growth and motivation 24 years ago when he was getting his master’s in counseling psychology. He has literally read hundreds of books on the subject. In fact, he has lost count of all the videos he's watched, books he's listened to in the car and seminars he's attended. Greg can’t get enough of it. He loves this stuff and is fascinated at how people change their lives. Greg uses what he talks and writes about in his life every day and it has served him well.


His Purpose:


For Individuals: Greg helps people find and pursue their Passionate Purpose so they can live out extraordinary lives


As a Leadership Keynote Speaker and Author, Greg Knapp helps leaders and organizations get crystal clear on their purpose in and out of the workplace, so they can be more engaged, happy, productive, and successful. He helps people live a life of significance and make a real difference. That’s what his book, Go! How to Find and Pursue Your Passionate Purpose, is all about.


Greg has used his degrees in counseling psychology, two decades of research, and his experiences creating three small businesses to become an expert in the field. He’s been in radio for over 20 years, winning awards and high ratings that led him to achieving his ultimate radio goal – becoming a nationally syndicated talk show host. His thousands of hours “on the air” are why his speaking events are so entertaining and transformative.


Greg’s previous work history helps him understand and relate to all kinds of team members. He’s dug ditches, worked construction, waited tables, spent some time as a felony probation and parole officer, counseled children, families, and adults, and taught executive team building classes at outdoor retreats – including climbing and rappelling techniques.


Greg has given his expert opinion as a guest on CNBC, Fox News Channel, CNN, Fox Business, 41 Action News, KCTV5, and more. He has penned opinion columns for The Washington Examiner, The Dallas Morning News, Human Events, and Big Government.


He has an amazing wife and two daughters who are a ton of fun. The family enjoys living near the beach in Florida.

Let's Go!

Greg Knapp M.A.

Author of GO!
Speaker, Coach, Talk Show Host

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