Posted by Frank Gagnier on Feb 03, 2018
Meet Jason and his wife Mary Alice Foote:
Scuba diving for megalodon shark teeth is Jason's  hobby!  He told us he loves looking for and finding megalodon teeth in dark water rivers across the southeast US but not necessarily the "dark" water part.  There are times when he can't see more than a few inches and that can be nerve think?  Because it's a hobby of  his , he offsets some of his diving and driving expenses by offering some of his  megalodon teeth for sale.   When you visit Jason's site at  he  has many pictures and videos of him recovering megalodon teeth for your viewing along with answering most common questions asked of him about diving in dark river waters.
The picture above shows what he brought with him to our meeting last week and some of them are pretty big finds.  The helmet has two flashlights attached to it to increase his vision but he says there are times when it is so dark, they are useless and he just turns them off.  
However, why the helmet?  Well, because his head is down when skimming the bottom, there are many times he just runs into something, like maybe a log, a rock or an "alligator" maybe.....and the helmet protects him from getting hurt.  Gee......that would definitely freak me out for sure.  His passion is far greater than the fear of not knowing what's down there around you.  I can respect that kind of passion and then some!
Thank you Jason for a great presentation!!
You can email Jason if you have a question about purchasing a Megalodon tooth or other fossils from his website.
You can also check out Jason's Web Design business at: 
Very talented young man!!