Posted by Frank Gagnier on Feb 16, 2018
President Ron Heymann called the meeting to order-
Dr. Page lead the club singing "God Bless America"
Recited our "Pledge of Allegiance"
Followed by singing "Five Foot Two" - "Let me Call You Sweetheart"
and our very own "Rotary Bonds"
After all, we are a Singing Club
Secretary, John McAfee Report:
In attendance were 31 Club Members
4 Honorary Members - Larry Myers, Roger Ganzel, Frank Ridley and Jim Hicks
Visiting Rotarians: Cheryl Saint-Amand, China Lake CA - Steve Stock, Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Bob Ward, Ada, OH - Joe Gullo, Gatlinburg, TN - Our local "Morning Group" Visiting Rotarians:  Past President Stan Fishburn, Dan & Regan Westra and Art Schuster
Visiting Guests:  Jonathan Levitt and Jim Lohr, guests of Antoinette Richter -
Chip Ross, guest of our Larry "Happy" Myers
50/50 Jack Pot:  $287  - Kim Boylan drew Pierre Guite's ticket and he pulled out the K of Diamonds (a noticeable sigh of relief was heard in the room)!  LOL
Boy Scouts: $28
Shelter Box: $55
John Boylan, Director, Youth Services Report:
John reported that our inbound exchange student Eero from Finland,  loves his new home surroundings and is doing quite well with his visit to America and specifically, Amelia Island, FL.
John Howard, Community Services Report:
John, again, thanked everyone who assisted Past President Pam Crouser for their part in donating blood a few weeks ago but also wanted to specifically thank Visiting Rotarian Joe Gullo from Gatlinburg, TN for taking the extra time to walk up and down Centre Street carrying a sign directing people to the Big Red Bus to donate blood prior to our meeting.
Barbara Gingher, Director, Fundraising Report
Another great year for fundraising and thanked everyone who attended and or supported the Luncheon last week!  We all thank Barbara and her committee team who assisted her in the fundraising event, The Luncheon. Additionally, we all thank Rick and Hollie Keffer for the second year in a row, covering all the expenses for the event so that all monies raised went directly to the Scholarship Fund.  President Ron also mentioned that there is time left for the pot to grow.  He encouraged anyone who was not able to attend, can still support.
Kris Meyer, Director, Public Relations Report:
Kris, again, encouraged everyone to send her any and all pictures relating to any Rotarian event so they can be used for any write up she does for a press release.  Everyone likes pictures and the more we have, the more interest we will draw.  I second this.  As editor of our News Bulletin, I would love to have more pictures as well.  Kris and I share whatever pictures we both have or come across so don't be bashful....send them to us!  Thanks!!!
Kris has written a press release for the Francesco Attesti concert that was held at St. Peter's Episcopal Church last Sunday evening to be in the local News Leader.  Be watching for that release.  Thanks Kris!
Vince Cavallo, Director of Administration:
Vince reminded everyone that make-ups are not being recorded on the sign-in sheet and they need to be in order to be credited properly.  Remember that recording these make-ups has a positive reflection on our club's attendance rating so please make sure you  record all make-ups.

SOMETHING NEW:  On going 2018, 100% attendance.

It's a new year and Larry Myers and I decided we would take note of all members who are at 100% attendance for 2018 to see who would be left standing at the end of the year or until everyone drops off before the year ends.  One thing I need to make clear though, its based on our clubs physical attendance.....NO make ups will be counted on this list of names.  So, if you did not "weather the cold" on our first 2018 meeting, you are already out of the picture. That said....her are the 100% attendees to date:

Roy Benson, Frank Gagnier, Barbara Gingher, Joe Hastey, Larry Melnick, Wally Messer, David Page, Rick Keffer, Roger Ganzel and Larry Myers

IT'S SHRINKING FAST!  Only 10 remain