Posted by Frank Gagnier on Jan 12, 2019

President Ron Heymann called the meeting to order.  


Dr. Page lead the club singing a patriotic song: (I did not receive this information. Sorry)


Recited our "Pledge of Allegiance"


Followed with an excellent invocation by Rotarian Joe Hastey


Secretary, John McAfee Report:

In attendance were 34 Club Members.   total attended the meeting.


Honorary Rotarian Members in attendance - Frank Ridley & Jim Hicks


Visiting Rotarians:  Joe Gullo from Gatlinburg, TN and Stan Jackson from Aiken, SC


Visiting Guests: Guest of Rotarian Larry Melnick was Peter Turnbill


50/50 Jack Pot:  @$100  - Rotarian  Joe Gullo had the drawn ticket and drew the 6 of Clubs! 47 cards remaining.


Boy Scouts: $30

Shelter Box: $56



(I did not receive any report information this week. Sorry) FG



Sergeant at Arms, Larry Melnick:

No Report


President-Elect, Antoinette Richter:       

No report


John Howard, Community Services Report:

Finally, our next upcoming Blood Drive will be on January 23, 2019 at the Nassau Health Food Store like we did the last time we had one.  Please see John to sign up to donate this meeting coming.  Much appreciated!


John Boylan, Director of Youth Services Report:

No report 

Upcoming home games of Simon at FBHS (Exchange Student)…

Friday, Jan 18th at home against Middleburg 7pm

Tuesday, Jan 22nd at home against Boles 7pm

Friday, Jan 25th at home against Baldwin 7pm

Tuesday, Jan 29th at home against Hilliard 7pm

Friday, Feb 1st at home against Yulee 7pm

Monday, Feb 4th at home against University Christian 7pm


Kris Meyer, Public Relations Report:

Public Image Report:  Scholarship Luncheon Publicity largely done.  Rick Keffer's column on the effort ran in the NL.  Still have social media to do once event page has been modified to allow for donations.  Bradley Bean to do in cooperation with Antoinette Richter. Bids are being sought for Volunteer Breakfast.  Prices and pre-event publicity will follow, once cost of tickets is locked down.



EACH MEMBER should approach a minimum of two businesses (not restaurants) and request support for the program.


We can all do this....the result will be worth it! Everyone can do this part whether you are going to the event or not....Let's do this!!  FG



Barbara Gingher, Fundraising Report:

Everyone should be involved with the Luncheon whether or not you're on the committee or not! 1 month to go!.

Scholarship committee meeting before our regular meeting

Our next meeting will be Wednesday January 16th at 10:45am at the Story & Song Book Store just before our regular meeting to continue our focus on the February Scholarship Luncheon Event.  Please attend if you are interested in sitting on this committee or just helping out in any way! We are in full swing to the Luncheon!!!


Pam Crouser, Club Membership Report:

No Report


Nick Klein, Club Social Events Report:

No Report


President Ron Heymann, Club Report:



Debra Connelly, Club Foundation Report:

Jeni Kardinal our Rotarian on the ground in Nawa Kerti, Bali Indonesia; will be sending a presentation/status update for us this coming month.  We were hoping to have Jeni present to our Club during December 2018 but our schedule of presenters was too booked for the month of December.  Our Bali water project will provide clean water to over 3,000 members of the Datah village and toilets/hygiene training for 125 students/staff at the Sekolah Dasar Negeri School in the village of Nawa Kerti. This project was originally initiated with a $5,000 contribution by one of our Club Rotarians and contributions from clubs in Sweden, Tarpon Springs, Long Island New York and Bali.



Dear 2018-19 club presidents, secretaries, treasurers, membership chairs, and Rotary Foundation chairs:

We have launched Rotary’s redesigned Learning Center, and your new club officer courses are now ready.

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