Posted by Frank Gagnier on Feb 03, 2018
President Ron was out of town on unfortunate family business.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!
Former President Pam Crouser lead our meeting for President Ron
Dr. Page started things out with us singing "God Bless America"
Our Pledge of Allegiance
Followed by singing "Rotary Bonds"
Former President Pam moved forward with club business:
The Secretary Report 27 Club Members in attendance
Honorary Members present:  Roger Ganzel, Frank Ridley and Larry Meyers
Guests this weekJonathan Levitt, guest of Antoinette Richter
Visiting Rotarians presentJoe Gullo from Gatlinburg, TN and Bob Ward from Ada, Ohio.
 50/50 Pot: $266.00
With the winning ticket, Coach Benson drew the Q of Spades
Money raised for Shelter Box:  $43
                             Boy Scouts:  $36
Doug Geib reading our District Governor's Report
Honorary member Larry Myers presenting a check from Teresa Dawsey to Former President Pam for our Scholarship Fund.  Teresa has been donating to our scholarship fund for years in memory of her husband Dr. Jim Dawsey.  Thank you Teresa for your ongoing loyalty and support!
Scholarship Fundraising:   Rick Keffer let us all know that we have $29,000 in the account with several more thousands still to come in putting us at around $34,000 and he is feeling optimistic that we can still hit the $40,000 goal even if we don't have the money in by the Luncheon this Thursday coming.  We will have another month or two before the deadline  to raise the money.  Remember, Rick has offered to pay for your luncheon if you can bring two donors to the fund so don't give up on taking advantage of that generous offer!!!
Community Service Director, John Howard, reported that last weeks blood drive had 11 Donors and thanked Former President Pam Crouser and all those who helped make this a success in his absence.

SYNOVUS - First Coast Community Bank Invitation:

Don't forget - Antoinette, on behalf of Market President Damon Olinto, has invited us to the bank at 1750 S. 14th Street in Fernandina Beach this Tuesday, February 6th from 12 noon to 2:00pm for some giveaways, good food and great company!!!


SOMETHING NEW:  On going 2018, 100% attendance.

It's a new year and Larry Myers and I decided we would take note of all members who are at 100% attendance for 2018 to see who would be left standing at the end of the year or until everyone drops off before the year ends.  One thing I need to make clear though, its based on our clubs physical attendance.....NO make ups will be counted on this list of names.  So, if you did not "weather the cold" on our first 2018 meeting, you are already out of the picture. That said....her are the 100% attendees to date:

Roy Benson, Frank Gagnier, Barbara Gingher, Joe Hastey, Larry Melnick, Wally Messer, David Page, Dennie Pendergrass, Rick Keffer, Roger Ganzel and Larry Myers

IT'S SHRINKING FAST!  Only 11 remain


Larry Myers has become a foot note in Viet Nam History.  This short story is coming soon....