Posted by Frank Gagnier

President Ron Heymann called the meeting to order.


Dr. Page lead the club singing a patriotic song: "My Country Tis of Thee"

Recited our "Pledge of Allegiance"

Followed by singing "You Picked A Find Time To Leave Me Lucille" we had a blast with this one! laugh


Followed by an excellent invocation by Rotarian Joe Hastey


Secretary, John McAfee Report:

In attendance were 27 Club Members.  32 total attended the meeting.


Honorary Members - Larry Myers


Visiting Rotarians:  Joe Gullo from Gatlinburg, TN - Nancy Warren from Valdosta, GA - Bob Smith from George Town, TX.


Visiting Guests of the Club: Lisa Morris, guest of Rotarian John Howard


50/50 Jack Pot:  @$100  - Larry Melnick had the drawn ticket and drew the 5 of Hearts.  49 cards left


Boy Scouts: $31

Shelter Box: $23


Sergeant at Arms, Larry Melnick:

Rotarian Larry Melnick has returned and we were back to normal trivia.


President-Elect, Antoinette Richter:       

Taste of Amelia event is quickly coming upon us. We could use some more volunteers to help out with logistics please.


John Howard, Community Services Report:

The Blood Mobile was parked in the parking lot of Amelia Health Foods and doing ok.  John will have the end report to us next week.

Dictionary Project:  The books have arrived at the schools so "The Lead" volunteers need to call and arrange a date and time with the school Principle and then notify his/her team to pass them out.   Remember, no pictures of the kids unless given specific permission to do so or we can't use the pictures in any publication.  Also, make sure you get names with pictures please!!!


John Boylan, Director of Youth Services Report:

Nothing new to report.


Kris Meyer, Public Relations Report:

IMPORTANT- Call to action to support the 33rd Annual Taste of Amelia:


1    Order your tickets now!!  Click on the link and order your tickets:

2    Share the link on your social media.  Go to the Rotary Club of Fernandina Beach Facebook page here:  Log into Facebook | Facebook,  

      Scroll down to the "Taste of Amelia Event" and click the "Share" button.  Then say something positive about the event which will be shared to your network, make             sure you're posting either "public" or to "Friends," then hit "Share."

3    If you're on Twitter, write a short tweet about it and share the link.

4    Here's a draft you can use in your social media posts:  Very excited about the new format for "Taste of Amelia." The restaurants are showing amazing support           and it will provide much-needed scholarship funds for students in Nassau County!! See you there!!


Barbara Gingher, Fundraising Report:

Taste of Amelia - We need volunteers and we need help with the organization of the event so please join us when we meet to discuss where we are at and what still needs to be done.

Taste Of Amelia committee meeting before our regular meeting.


Pam Crouser, Club Membership Report:

Nothing New To Report


Nick Klein, Club Social Events Report:

Nothing New To Report


President Ron Heymann, Club Report:

The 33rd Annual Taste of Amelia volunteer / steering committee will be meeting  at Story and Song at 10:45 weekly to discuss event planning.  We are making great strides to bring the event together, but still have some logistical issues that need to be resolved.  Please consider helping out.  We are looking for volunteers to assist with procuring event supplies, marshaling volunteers (including the Interact Clubs), and working with the restaurant owners to ensure smooth flow of information.  And of course, TICKET SALES!  Please help out and respond to Kris Meyer's "CALL TO ACTION ABOVE"




Good morning Ron. It's been a while since I have been at a club meeting, but I do have some good news to share. My daughter Jessica, former Rotary scholarship recipient, gave birth to a baby girl on 9/12. Adalyn Bliss weight in at 7 lbs. 14 ounces and 19.75 inches long. Both are doing well. Jessica certainly performed service above self.
Best Regards and hope to see you soon,
Val Schwec



Debra Connelly, Club Foundation Report:

  • The Rotary Club of Fernandina Beach will now have a Girl Scout patch included in the 2019 Spring catalog of the Gateway Council.  The Compassionate Girl  patch will be available to over 13,000 girls in grades K-12.  
  • Larry Myers has been helping as we develop our second patch that will present questions and activities for the Girl Scouts to earn the Amelia Island Discovery patch.  We have submitted this second patch to the Gateway Council for their review and approval.
  • The CEO of the Girl Scout Gateway Council, Mary Ann Jacobs, will visit our Club on Nov 7th to provide a presentation on her plans to refurbish the Girl Scout Little House at 25 S. 13th St. in Fernandina Beach.
We have submitted our grant request to Publix to cover this year's cost for dictionaries for Nassau County third graders.