Recently the Fernandina Beach Rotary Club welcomed Kari and Shannon Kenner, owners of Grasshopper Marketing, as guest speakers. The company, founded by the Kenners in 2005, uses data-driven marketing techniques to create better webpage design and social media presence for its clients. Shannon explained that companies should think of social media as a conversation with their customers and that it’s important to determine which of the many forms – from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to Linked in and YouTube – will have the biggest marketing impact. He said that to use social media effectively companies must listen to and engage their customers; be informative, but not boring and make online word-of-mouth work to the company’s benefit. The couples’ final advice was a warning that once a business establishes a presence in social media, it must be constantly maintained or customers could be turned off by outdated or unavailable information, leaving a negative image that is difficult to repair.