Recently, the Fernandina Beach Rotary Club welcomed Club Past President Larry Myers, who spoke about the Florida Chamber of Commerce’s Education Solutions Summit. Myers said the summit focused on what employers are seeking when they hire students fresh out of college. He added that Florida Chamber statistics indicate that some 250,000 jobs are unfilled in Florida because of a lack of properly educated and qualified workers. Myers said that, although college entrance requirements are more stringent than ever, graduates are not always properly prepared to enter the workforce. While 87 percent of educators believe they are preparing students adequately, only 11 percent of employers agreed. Myers noted that this divide has become known as the “Workforce Skills Gap.”


Myers closed by saying the solution to how students should be educated lies in identifying what job skills businesses really need. Educators statewide must constantly work to sharpen curricula to meet the needs of both Florida’s students and the companies that will employ them.