This year’s club boasts a membership of some 30 students who will undertake a variety of local and international charitable projects.  Each year Interact participates in Project Christmas Child, an international aid group that provides Christmas gifts to children around the world.  Club members fill shoe boxes with candy, small toys and other items to be delivered to kids who would not otherwise receive anything for Christmas.  Club members also host an annual Carnival that provides a day of fun with games and prizes for kids in our community.  The free event, which is held in Fernandina Beach’s Central Park each Spring, is manned by Interact members who also create and construct all of the games.  This year, the club will also undertake a new endeavor – the Purple Pinkie project – sponsored by Rotary.  The project is designed to raise at least $200, which will provide 200 polio vaccinations in countries where the disease still cripples and kills many children.  Each time a child is vaccinated for polio in these countries, his or her finger is dipped in a purple topical solution, temporarily marking the child to prevent double dosing.  Thus the name “Purple Pinkie.”  All of Interact’s fundraising efforts go to support the club’s many projects.

Interact Clubs throughout the U.S. are sponsored by local Rotary Clubs and empower young people to serve locally and internationally with their Rotary club sponsors.  Founded in Melbourne, FL in 1962, Interact will celebrate its 50th anniversary on November 5 of this year.  The FBHS Interact Club has been sponsored by the Fernandina Beach Rotary Club since its inception 47 years ago.