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Come visit the Rotary Club of Fernandina Beach, doing good things since 1926!

Fernandina Beach

Service Above Self

We meet Wednesdays at 12:00 PM
Story and Song Bookstore Bistro
(self-serve lunch begins 11:30)
1430 Park Avenue - Second Floor
Fernandina Beach, FL  32034
United States
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Home Page Stories
Diane Hammerick

A native of South Georgia, Diane is happy to have moved permanently to Fernandina – which is “almost like coming home again”, but even better!  She and her husband John have owned property on the south end of the Island since 1994, but officially retired here 3 years ago.  However, for Diane, retirement has not meant sitting in a porch rocker (or even spending much time on the beach).  She is more active than ever in her volunteer work with Kenya Partners, a non-profit which she founded after her first visit to Kenya in 2006.  Her Master’s degree in education and her seven years of experience as a federal programs school administrator, has proven invaluable in her role as Director of The Betty Mavity Roberts Education Centre in Nakuru, Kenya.  Built by Kenya Partners in 2008, the education center is a 600-bed boarding school for orphans and severely impoverished children for grades K-12.

Diane has further relied upon her Emory University Law Degree and 31 years of experience as a trial attorney to deal with the myriad of legal issues facing her Kenyan NGO – such as the purchase of land, the preparation of construction contracts and leases, and dealing with professionals in the country and the like. Diane is Board Chair of both Kenya Partners and its Kenyan NGO sister organization. 

She travels to Kenya several times a year, and actually spends a total of at least 5 months there in any given year.  In addition to the boarding school, the Kenya NGO has owned and operated a 24/7 health facility since 2006, which services include maternity, dental, primary care for all ages, children’s immunizations and treatment and services for HIV/AIDS patients. The programs supported by Kenya Partners also include 2 pre-schools serving more than 180 children, both with feeding programs, and one of which is in a slum. 

Kenya Partners has no paid staff, and all volunteers (including Diane) pay their own travel expenses.  100% of funds raised to support Kenya Partners goes directly to Kenya to fund the programs there. Kenya Partners also has a tour company and plans safaris for any interested party in order to help sustain the programs financially.  Talk about heart, commitment, and dedication to a cause! Wow!

This will be a very interesting and educational talk for us…looking forward to it!

Epidemiology and Prevention of Common Tickborne Diseases in the United States

Kim Geib




Emily Cason


Kim Geib and Emily Cason, from the Florida Department of Health in Nassau County, presented an update on tickborne illness prevalence data in the US, including how to remove a tick properly, when to seek medical care following a suspected tick exposure, and how to avoid tick bites.


Ticks are expanding in all geographic regions in the US, and the numbers of tickborne illness are increasing, including in Florida. Persons should seek medical advice if they have been exposed to a tick within the past 30 days and develop any of the following: rash, fever, body or muscle aches (flu like symptoms).


The best way to prevent tick bites is to:

Apply repellent (the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) advises containing 20% DEET or other EPA approved tick repellent),

If hiking, avoid tall grasses (tick habitat) by walking in the center of the trail

Shower soon after being outdoors and check your body and your child’s body for ticks

Regularly check your pets and your clothing for ticks to prevent tick infestations around your home


Tick Basics:

Most ticks go through four life stages: egg, larva, nymph, and adult

Must eat blood at every stage to survive, can take up to three years for full life cycle

Most die because they don’t find a host

Ticks find hosts by detecting breath, body odors, heat, etc. and wait for a host on well-used paths

Cannot fly or jump, but wait for a host in a position known as “questing”



Tickborne Disease Basics

All known tickborne infectious diseases are diseases of animals that can be transmitted to humans via a tick vector

Ticks can maintain the pathogens through transmission to their offspring

Ticks can acquire infection through feeding on infectious hosts

Humans are incidental hosts, infected by the bite of infected ticks

Typically takes 24-48 hours of tick attachment to spread most diseases

Common symptoms of tickborne disease include fever/chills, aches and pains, and rash


There was so much information it would take pages and pages to post all of it.

If you want or need anymore information, please see below.

We thank Kim and Emily for their time and putting on a professional presentation.



For more information, contact:


Emily Cason, MPH





Director, Disease Control & School Health Services



Thanks to the co-sponsor, Chris Geib, Sunsect sales/marketing VP, who donated samples of Sunsect, a combination sunscreen and DEET-containing product to prevent mosquito and tick bites.


Past President Kim Boylan called our meeting to order- President Ron Heymann is on vacation.


Dr. Page lead the club singing a patriotic song: "My Country Tis of Thee"

Recited our "Pledge of Allegiance"

We sang two other songs: "Rotary Bonds" - "You Are My Sunshine"


Followed by Rotarian Joe Hastey leading the club in an awesome prayer!


Secretary John McAfee and his grandson Harrison Pollack


Secretary, John McAfee Report:

In attendance were 27 Club Members.  35 total attended the meeting!


Honorary Members - Larry Myers, Roger Ganzel, Frank Ridley and Dr. Jim Hicks 


Visiting Rotarians:  Rotarian Greg Holding from the Sunrise Club.


Visiting Guests of the Club:  Rotarian and President Elect Antoinette Richter had one guest - Karen Clark (her third visit).  Rotarian John McAfee had his grandson Harrison Pollack as his guest.  Rotarian & Past President Kim Boylan residing over our meeting this day had one guest - her daughter Hanna.


50/50 Jack Pot:  @$162  - Coach Roy Benson had the drawn ticket and drew the Queen of Spades.... 44 cards left.


Boy Scouts: $30

Shelter Box: $29 


President-Elect, Antoinette Richter:

Antoinette announced that from July 2 through July 26, Barnabas Center will be coordinating the annual GoKids School Supply collection drive in partnership with the Nassau County Public Schools, WestRock, Florida Public Utilities and Amelia National Golf & Country Club. This donation drive provides schools with supplies to distribute to students in need for the upcoming school year. All school supplies are needed, including: backpacks, notebooks, paper, glue sticks, crayons, #2 pencils, scissors, pocket folders, etc.

Two of the drop off sites are:

    SYNOVUS Bank on 14th Street and Pineland Bank on Centre Street in Fernandina Beach.



Sergeant at Arms, Larry Melnick:

Rotarian Larry Melnick is back from being with his kids and grandkids for a few weeks...had a fantastic time.  Lollipops back in play with trivia!


Club Foundation Report, Debra Connelly:

Debra has been asked to take the lead on the Clubs Foundation and she has accepted....THANK YOU Debra

She mentioned at the meeting that we are on track to provide clean water to 600 Bali villagers. In total, the project amounts to $33k.  (If you recall, our originally planned Bali water project scheduled for 2016-2017 execution was assumed by the Balinese government, to be funded by their investment.). Hence, we transferred our funding and focus to another village and will be teaming with seven other Rotary clubs including Tarpon Springs.  More to follow in the months ahead.  We are also developing a historical Fernandina patch for the Girl Scouts that will be submitted to the Jacksonville Gateway Council for their review and approval in the coming months.  One other thing Debra mentioned to me was the fact that we await status of the scholarship for Cara Tupps which is being reviewed by Rotary International.  If approved, Cara will attend the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine as sponsored by the two Fernandina Rotary Clubs. 


John Howard, Community Services Report:

No Report


John Boylan, Director of Youth Services Report:

No Report


Kris Meyer, Public Relations Report:

No Report


Barbara Gingher, Fundraising Report:

Working on Volunteer Luncheon. 


Pam Crouser, Club Membership Report:

No Report


Nick Klein, Club Social Events Report:

No Report


President Ron Heymann, Club Report:

Via email, President Ron canceled our Board Meeting until his return from vacation.

Rotarian Coach Roy Benson announcing our guest speakers, Kim Geib and Emily Cason
Past President Dr. David Page called our meeting to order- President Ron Heymann is on vacation.


We are in need of a new podium. I don't think this one is making the cut.  Past President Dr. Page was a good sport about this one and we had some fun with it.  Please be on the lookout for one and let President Ron know if you find one.  If it needs some repair, we can do that for sure. Thanks!  


Dr. Page lead the club singing a patriotic song: "God Bless America"

Recited our "Pledge of Allegiance"

We sang one other song: "Take Me Out To The Ball Game"


Followed by Rotarian Lee Colwell leading the club in an awesome prayer!


Secretary, John McAfee Report:

In attendance were 20 Club Members.  26 total attended the meeting! Many on vacation.


Honorary Members - Larry Myers and Dr. Jim Hicks 


Visiting Rotarians:  Rotarians Bruce Heggenstaller and Paul Hunt from the Sunrise Club


Visiting Guests of the Club:  Rotarian and President Elect Antoinette Richter had two guest - Karen Clark and Julie Everwoin.  


50/50 Jack Pot:  @$175  - Dr. Jim Hicks had the drawn ticket and drew the King of Spades.... 43 cards left.


Boy Scouts: $13

Shelter Box: $19 


President-Elect, Antoinette Richter:

President Ron Heymann announced a few weeks ago the need for assistance to help off load some relief supplies at the Baptist Church in Callahan.  In the aftermath of Hurricanes Matthew (2016) and Irma (2017) - a non-profit group called "Convoy of Hope" arranged for several semi-trailers of much needed paper goods, school supplies, water, cleaning products, clothes, and toiletries to be given to Nassau County residents who lost their homes. Convoy of Hope delivered these additional supplies last Thursday the 19th at the church for some of our local Nassau County residents who are still suffering and in need of more supplies.  

Antoinette announced that Our Rotary Club of Fernandina Beach had been asked to help unload, sort, and distribute donated supplies starting at 8:30am last Thursday and that we had a great turnout with some of our club members that showed the "Rotarian Spirit" and to "Be The Inspiration!"


Here are some pictures that President-Elect Antoinette sent me:



Our Club Rotarians who were there: Antoinette Richter, Nick Klein, Roy Benson, Ray Whitehead and Larry Melnick. Kris Meyer had already left with this picture was taken.  Thank you all for representing our club well!!!!!


Sergeant at Arms, Larry Melnick:

Rotarian Larry Melnick went over some important meeting expectations: Unless you have the absolute need to use the outside elevator to get to our 2nd floor meeting room, Please enter via the book store and up the steps to show traffic and help promote the uniqueness of our meeting venue.  Since John and Vince are at the entrance to sign in there at the top of the stairs, traffic flow would be best and less confusing as well.  Also, to help out with the clean up after our meeting, please put your own trash in the receptacle provided.....that would be much appreciated.    Lollipops back in play with trivia!


Love the shorts Larry!


Club Foundation Report, Debra Connelly:

Compassionate Patch; we are developing a historical Fernandina patch for the Girl Scouts that will be submitted to the Jacksonville Gateway Council for their review and approval in the coming months.   


John Howard, Community Services Report:

Looks like we are going to be moving forward with having the Blood Drive Bus outside the Nassau Health Food Store located in the central part of the Walmart Plaza.


John Boylan, Director of Youth Services Report:

No Report


Kris Meyer, Public Relations Report:

No Report


Barbara Gingher, Fundraising Report:

No Report 


Pam Crouser, Club Membership Report:

No Report



Nick Klein, Club Social Events Report:

No Report



President Ron Heymann, Club Report:

President Ron will be back in the saddle this Wednesday's meeting.


Diane Hammerick




Diane’s presentation on the work being done by Kenya Partners in Nakuru Kenya included stories of survival, of death, of suffering but also stories of the amazing hope of its people even in the face of overwhelming challenges – like a recent disaster in one village where Kenya Partners volunteers, working together with its African counterparts, tended to the medical needs of over 1000 men, women and children who had been impacted by floods from a broken earthen dam.  She told the story of providing medical services to a grandmother and her grandson who had been rescued after being dug out of the mud.  Another story was of a teenage girl with a broken leg who had lost her mother after they were both swept away in the raging water.  Other patients were assisted with funds for advanced treatment at other facilities, while others received aid such as wheelchairs and walkers.  Kenya Partners even carried 21 young people, most of whom were single or double orphans, to its 600-bed boarding school, because the schools in the flood area had been destroyed.  These children now have a warm bed to sleep in, nutritious food to eat, teachers who teach and care for them, and regular follow-up with medical and counseling services.


These stories demonstrate how Kenya Partners’ efforts in Africa have been meeting the needs of those suffering from severe poverty.  It is the magnitude of that poverty that caused Diane to feel compelled “to do something” after visiting there in 2006.  She described the poverty as greater than any she had seen in her work with the homeless in NC and her work in Georgia with migrant agricultural farmworkers, her first career.


In 2006, she observed that 1 in 5 children died before reaching the age of 5, that women were dying in childbirth, that few children had the “luxury” of education, that malnutrition was resulting in stunted growth with serious impact upon brain development.  Many children, orphaned from the HIV/AIDS crisis, lived on the streets, or in makeshift cardboard houses, or with aging grandmothers who had trouble even feeding them. 


There is no government aid in Kenya, no food pantries, no soup kitchens, and no where for the suffering children to go.  Diane suggested that we need to love and care for our “neighbors” where ever they are - even if they are 8000 miles away.  To meet the needs of the suffering in Nakuru Kenya, Kenya Partners has a small hospital, the boarding school/orphanage and 2 other pre-school programs where almost 200 little ones receive a foundation in education preparing them for the boarding school.


To help sustain the programs, Kenya Partners seeks sponsors for orphans in the school, volunteers for mission teams, and others to work locally in the US to assist the all-volunteer organization, with no paid staff.  Another sustainability program is the Wenza Safaris tour company started by Kenya Partners.  All net receipts support the ongoing programs in Kenya.  Diane can plan a personalized safari for anyone interested even those not interested in doing mission work in Kenya stating she could save us a lot of money by going this route should anyone plan on eventually planning an African Safari. 


Kenya Partners big fundraising push is the Giving Hope Benefit Dinner set for Sunday, September 23 at Walkers Landing.  For only $75, attendees can enjoy a seated dinner by Horizons, hors d’oeuvres, wine & beer, music, and a Silent Auction.  Those interested in the dinner can reserve directly at:


To get more info about the Dinner, about sponsorship, about the mission trip next year leaving May 29, and about safaris with Wenza Safaris, you can also contact Diane directly at 336-210-3765 or


Thank you Diane for all you do for these children and then some!!!  And thank you for taking the time to bring our club up to speed with what's going on in Kenya and what we could all do to help if at all possible.

Past President Dr. David Page and Diane Hamrick
Jaycee, Coach and Rhyan
Jude Swearingen will speak about his first year head football coach at Fernandina Beach High School. Coach Swearingen has been a teacher and coach for the past 17 years at FBHS.
He was promoted to his new position prior to last years spring football season and took over a program he had assisted with during those 17 years. Coach Swearingen has also been the head weightlifting coach at FBHS since 2011 and was the head JV baseball coach from 2001-2010.
An alumnus of the 1995 graduating class of FBHS, he lettered in football and baseball earning a dual scholarship for both sports at Westmar University in LeMars, Iowa.
Coach then transferred to Huron University in Huron, South Dakota where he continued playing baseball. With honors, he graduated with a Health and Physical Education degree. It was during this time, he meet his eventual wife Kelly. He and Kelly moved back home here in the summer of 2001 where he was hired by FBHS.
Jude and Kelly married soon after and now have two beautiful girls Jaycee (9) and Rhyan (6) that attend both elementary schools on the island. Coach Jude Swearingen is the son of the late James Swearingen and Diane Hardee, born and raised in Yulee where he now resides with his family.
Dr. Kimberly Geib

Kim Geib is the Public Health Manager for Disease Control and School Health services at the Florida Department of Health in Nassau County. She has 29 years’ experience in public health leadership, epidemiology, community disease surveillance and control. She is nationally board certified in public health and as an adult-gerontology primary care nurse practitioner. She received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the Medical College of Virginia-Virginia Commonwealth University, and a Masters of Science in Nursing. Kim went on and received her Doctor of Nurse Practice from the University of Florida.


Emily Cason


Emily Cason is an epidemiologist at the Florida Department of Health in Nassau County. She monitors syndromic surveillance systems and responds to disease events or trends, manages reportable disease and outbreak investigations, analyzes disease data and prepares reports, and communicates with community partners, the public, and the media about controlling diseases of public health importance.  She previously worked as an environmental specialist with the Florida Department of Health in Duval County.  Emily received her Bachelor's in Biomedical Science from Ohio State University and her Master’s in Public Health from Emory University.



Kim and Emily will be speaking to us about Epidemiology and Prevention of Common Tickborne Illnesses in the US


President Ron Heymann called our FIRST OFFICIAL MEETING at the Story and Song Book Store to order-


Dr. Page lead the club singing a patriotic song: "My Country Tis of Thee"

Recited our "Pledge of Allegiance"

We sang two other songs: "Bye Bye Blackbird" - "Bill Bailey" and "Rotary Bonds"

Rotarians Wally Messer on Bass and Bonnie Ridley on the piano


Followed by Rotarian Joe Hastey leading the club in an awesome prayer!



Secretary, John McAfee Report:  Welcome back John!! And Thank You Vince for holding down the fort in John's absence!!!

In attendance were 33 Club Members.  43 people attended the meeting, our First meeting at the Story & Song Book Store!

Honorary Members - Larry Myers, Roger Ganzel, Frank Ridley and Dr. Jim Hicks 

Rotarians John McAfee and Vince Cavallo at work checking everyone in and then some.....


Visiting Rotarians:  No visiting Rotarians this week.


Rotarian John McAfee giving us the Secretary's Report. Rotarian Senator Bean wearing the Orange...I'm looking for the Blue? yes


Visiting Guests of the Club:  Rotarian and President Elect Antoinette Richter had two guests - Karen Clark and Julie Eberwoin.  Rotarian Dr. Page had one guest - Spencer Puentas.  Rotarian and Past President Shannon Brown had one guest - her son John Brown.  Rotarian and Past President Pam Crouser had her granddaughter Madison and her great granddaughter Piper with her.  Guest of the club was Gertrude Baumgaerter


50/50 Jack Pot:  @$130  - Jerry Hinson had the drawn ticket and drew the 10 of Hearts.... 45 cards left.


Boy Scouts: $17

Shelter Box: $35 


Sergeant at Arms, Larry Melnick:

In Larry's absence, Past President Shannon Brown was our temporary Sergeant at arms.  But no lollipops! angry  Great to see you again Shannon!!


John Howard, Community Services Report:

Some more discussion is needed on how to best position blood mobile for maximum traffic following move of weekly meetings to Story & Song.  For now, it looks like we all agree to have the bus at the Nassau Health Food Store in the Walmart Plaza across the street for now. 


John Boylan, Director of Youth Services Report:

John announced that our past exchange student from two years ago Karla Jelsing  Kraup was here to visit with us all the way from Denmark.  It was great to see her again. She is now in college, Pre-med, and doing very well. With Kayak's break from school, she just had to come back to say hi and thank us again for a wonderful experience.  As a foot note, I might add that some of our ways and sayings stuck with her as she addressed us as "ya-all" wink


Rotarian & Past President John Boylan introducing Karla seated in front of him.  The picture of Karla came out blurry for some reason....sorry!


Kris Meyer, Public Relations Report:

No Report


Barbara Gingher, Fundraising Report:

No Report


Pam Crouser, Club Membership Report:

Two new members and several others in consideration.  Moving along pretty well right now. Could be a great year for new members!!


Nick Klein, Club Social Events Report:

Nick mentioned that we will be having some social events coming soon as things are being worked out at this time.


President Ron Heymann, Club Report:

President Ron has his trip report to Toronto for the International Convention directly on our web site for your read.  President Ron will have a Calendar of Events for us soon.  He also mentioned that the 2019 International Conference will be in Germany and  in 2020, the International Conference will be in Honolulu, Hawaii just in case anyone might be interested in attending cool   President Ron will be on vacation the next few weeks.  Next weeks meeting will be lead by Past President Kim Boylan and the following week will be led by Past President Dr. David Page.  Enjoy your vacation Mr. have earned it!! smiley


The "Served" Food was awesome...Mark and Donna were great hosts!   Wine & beer was offered too, for us retiree's! cool




Roger Morenc, Owner of 

Marlin & Barrel Distillery

Roger spoke about his humble beginnings.
Marlin & Barrel is a distiller of Venture Vodka and Bearing Light Rum and now 2nd Street Gin. It is hand-crafted, distilled and bottled in their Craft Distillery located on Amelia Island’s historic Fernandina Beach, FL. It is sold at restaurants and where fine spirits can be found in Northeast Florida. Since Rogers humble beginnings, he has partnered with Engine 15 Brewing Co. which is a craft beer producer of over 20 brands of beer that are distributed throughout the State of Florida.  Engine 15 operates a gastropub and brewery in Jacksonville Beach, FL. as well as a production brewery in downtown Jacksonville.  
Just a few of the items.....To see more, visit web site. 
He’s is the distiller.

Roger left his 20-year job with Air Tran Airways when Southwest bought it and wanted him to move to Dallas.  He didn't to do that, so he started looking around for something else, something that he "wanted" to do.

He decided to open a distillery and after much thought and discussions with his wife as to where to do this venture, he chose Fernandina Beach here on Amelia Island.  He had considered several other area's like Hilton Head, SC, Savannah, GA and Ybor City in Tampa but the City of Fernandina Beach was more welcoming and most enthusiastic and won him over.  Dallas, Texas didn't have a chance.  The rest is history.

Marlin & Barrel is located at 115 South 2nd Street and is open on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays from 11:30am to 3:30pm - Fridays and Saturdays from 11:30am to 5:30pm - CLOSED on Tuesdays

We can follow Marlin & Barrel on:
Facebook: Marlin & Barrel Distillery     Instagram: @marlinbarrel     Twitter: @MarlinBarrel
The District 6970 Inspirer - July 2018
Congratulations to all of the incoming Club Officers and Directors.  I look forward to working with each of you and each member of our District to be the inspiration in our clubs, to our communities and most importantly to our families.
Wow!  Can you believe it is July 1st and the start of a new Rotary year?  Congratulations to all of the incoming Club Officers and Directors. I look forward to working with each of you and each member of our District to be the inspiration in our clubs, to our communities and most importantly to our families.
At the Rotary International Convention in Toronto we heard from fantastic speakers and humanitarians who share similar ideals, who are advocates of change and support Rotary’s six areas of focus. 
And, we all share one common belief.

That every child across the globe deserves to live in a world free of poverty, hunger, and disease. A world where every child has access to a quality education, clean water and sanitation, and gender equality.
It is not until these basic needs are met, can we live in a world of peace.
Rotarians, WE ARE people of action. And. I know that is especially true of Rotarians and the family of Rotary throughout District 6970, who work so hard day after day to enrich the lives of so many.
I look forward to working with each of you this year to accomplish great things in our communities and around the globe. But you know, we are much more effective and stronger when we work together. 
Each month, the newsletter will feature best practices that our clubs and members are implementing in Membership, Foundation giving and projects, and Public Image. If you have a great idea, please share it. 
I look forward to serving as your District Governor and to assisting each and every one of you and your clubs as we join together to BE THE INSPIRATION.
Membership Corner

Beginning in August, this area will feature best practices for attracting and engaging our members. 

Do you have a proven strategy to share to help increase and/or retain members?

Please forward your club’s membership strategies including facts and figures to: by July 20th
YOUR Rotary Foundation

Beginning in August, this area will feature best practices for educating our members on The Rotary Foundation and ways in which to increase TRF giving and Polio giving and awareness. 

Has your club done something great to promote The Rotary Foundation? Or, are you participating in a Global or District Grant that you'd like to share?

Please share your club's success story including strategy and results to:  by July 20th
Public Image
Beginning in August, this area will feature best practices and helpful tips for promoting club projects and attracting and engaging members by utilizing a variety of media platforms.  

Do you have a great Public Image strategy or success story to share?
Please share your best practices by forwarding to: by July 20th.
District Calendar

July 28, 2019 - Rotary Youth Exchange Welcome Home Dinner

August 18, 2018 - District Grant Webinar

September 22, 2018 - Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI), Palm Coast

October 20, 2018 - 3 Keys 2 Success Summit, Orange Park

October 24, 2018 - World Polio Day

November 21, 2018 - District Governor Nomination deadline

December 2, 2018 - Rotary Jaguars Game vs. Colts

February 9, 2019 - Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI), St. Augustine

February 15, 2019 - RI President Barry Rassin visit, open to ALL Rotarians

March 7-9, 2019 - President-Elect Training, Orlando

April 30, 2019 - District Grant Application Deadline 2019-2020 Rotary year

May 17, 2019 - District Training Assembly, Daytona Beach

May 17 & 18, 2019 - District Conference, Daytona Beach

June 1-5, 2019 - Rotary International Convention, Hamburg, Germany
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Michael Hickox
Aug 22, 2018
Nassau County Property Appraiser’s Office
Cody Peters
Aug 29, 2018
Fort Clinch State Park and All it Offers
Jeff Zola, Jonathan Levitt & Ray Whitehead
Sep 05, 2018
Member Craft Talks

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