Recently, the Fernandina Beach Rotary Club enjoyed a presentation by Jacksonville Axemen Rugby Team Member Owen Taylor.  Taylor, who lives on Amelia Island, began playing rugby while attending college.  He explained that the sport began in Australia in 1905.  Jacksonville’s team, organized in 2006, has already become one of the most successful teams in the American National Rugby League.  The Axemen just won their second National Championship by defeating the Boston 13s by a score of 28 to 22.  Taylor went on to explain some of the basics of the sport and how rugby differs from football.  He noted that a rugby field is longer and wider than a football field and that there are six downs to a drive rather than four.  He discussed some of the key player positions such as the Hooker and Pivot, which are similar to quarterback positions in football.  He also explained that in rugby a four-point score is made only when the ball goes directly from the players hand down onto the ground within the Try Zone – rugby’s equivalent of the In Zone.  He closed by inviting club members to see the sport firsthand by attending a game during the Axemen’s next season beginning in June of 2013.