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22 South 3rd Street/Meeting Room on 4th Street
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Aldo Morell

"3-D Printing for Fun and Profit"


This week’s presentation was billed as “3D Printing for Fun and Profit,” however, our guest speaker clarified that from his experience, 3D printing is more fun than profit.

Aldo Morell is a retired engineer who uses his 3D printer to make useful plastic items for his home and model boat building hobby. A 3D printer is a useful tool, analogous to a table saw, lathe, or drill press. The printer builds items by adding material from the bottom up, instead of the traditional method of removing excess material from a stock. The cost of 3D printers range from just $700 to $30,000.  This can be a very expensive hobby indeed!

Making a 3D printed part starts with drawing a digital model using computer aided design software. Then another program converts the designed model to instructions that a 3D printer uses to build the part from the bottom up, one 0.1mm layer at a time. Obviously, a hobby that takes up a lot of time and much patients!!

Our speaker has used his printer to make many useful things including model boat parts, household items, check valves and fidget spinner toys.


A few samples he showed us. The top red & blue piece is a well designed buoy to go with his boats.

Aldo gave a great presentation and passed around some of the items he has developed and printed.  The most common materials used to build are ABS, PLA rigid plastics and flexible plastics called "Elastomers."  There are printers, obviously the most expensive ones, can use wood (suspended in resin) and some metals.

For some additional background on 3D printing:  (Not Aldo's video....)


President Ron Heymann called the meeting to order- 

Dr. Page lead the club singing "My Country Tis of Thee"

Recited our "Pledge of Allegiance"

Followed by singing "Frère Jacques

Bonnie was missing on the piano so Dr. Page led half the room in singing the English version and since we had visiting Rotarians from France (Dick and Carol along with Pierre), they led the other half of the room in the French version (I had that part down).  We all had some fun it!!

Dick and Carol Stevenson, Center, from France


Secretary, John McAfee Report:

In attendance were 28 Club Members

2 Honorary Members - Roger Ganzel and Larry Myers


Visiting Rotarians: Bob Ward, Ada, OH, Dick and Carol Stevenson from France, BILL FROM BAHABAH, ME, Joe Gullo from Gatlinburg, TN (Joe will be leaving us for TN but will be back next year..we wish you well Joe), Pat Kinney from James Town, NY.


Visiting Guests of the Club:  Gertrude Baumgaerter, Eero Lahtinen, our exchange student from Finland.  Guest of Coach Roy Benson was Katie Combs - assistant Cross Country Coach at FBHS.


50/50 Jack Pot:  $400  - Wally Messer had the drawn ticket and drew the 4 of close Wally cheeky


Sergeant at Arms, Larry Melnick was away in Atlanta with family so President Ron Asked Eero if he would be our Sergeant at Arms for the meeting and of course, Eero stepped up to the plate and did very well with some Finland Trivia surprise  Money raised from Eero as Sergeant at Arms:

Boy Scouts: $32

Shelter Box: $50 


John Howard, Community Services Report:

Next Blood Drive is scheduled for this Wednesdays meeting so those of you who are donating blood, come a little early as the process can be a bit lengthy.  John is also asking for anyone's assistance in walking up and down Centre Street getting people to visit the buss and donate blood.  Please come early and meet with John to get the signs.  Thanks in advance!!!!


John Boylan, Director of Youth Services Report:

It is again that time of year when host families are needed for our 22 Exchange Students from Northeast Florida that will be coming to Fernandina Beach, FL, on Friday, May 18th thru Sunday, May 20th.
The commitment is to provide a bed for two nights, and dinner on Friday and breakfast on Saturday/Sunday.   For the most part on Saturday, the students will be doing a service project, downtown, and on the Cumberland Island boat ride, and on Sunday, participating at the District 6970 Rotary Conference at the Omni.
If you have the time and space, please contact John Boylan at the contact information listed below.  THANKS for considering it!

John S. Boylan

Senior Reliability Engineer


North 8th Street | Fernandina Beach, FL  32034

T 904.491.7071 | M 570.499.6949 |


Phillis Davis, SHCOLARSHIPS:

The dead line for scholarship applications to be turned in has now passed.  The interview board will be getting all the applications to review and select the top 16 candidates for interview.  The Board will meet at Fernandina Beach HS on Wednesday, April 4th.  It will be a long day from 8 to five with non stop interviewing so there will be a working lunch provided by the our club.  I'm looking forward to being a part of that process again this year.  Exciting!


Brent Coates, District Governor 2017-18

Rotary International District 6970

Al Watson Memorial Award

Qualifying Requirements - In 2008 - 2009 District 6970 initiated the Al Watson Memorial Award to recognize a Rotarian who has demonstrated the values of Rotary and community over a significant period of time.

The guidelines for the selection emphasizes that the individual should emulate the values and commitment demonstrated by Al Watson to Rotary, his community, and the creation of a better future. 

Al and his wife were successful in the grocery business largely due to a combination of hard work, common sense and an engaging personality. Al and his wife worked tirelessly and donated significantly with little or no fanfare to open the doors of opportunity to community youth through access to education, to improving the quality of care for others, and for his beloved Rotary Foundation.

Rotarians who have lived the same principles as Al Watson are eligible to be recognized with this award. Someone who works out of the spotlight , someone who helps build community, someone who does this work with joy, year after year.


Minimum of 10 years in Rotary

  1. Based upon multiple years of service not just one year.
  2. Must have exemplary service in at least two areas of Rotary, with emphasis on helping others.
  3. Cannot be in the Governor’s String or having been DG within the immediate past three years.
  4. May receive this award only once.
  5. Active member in good standing of a Rotary Club in District 6970.

Nomination procedures

  1. Nominations are made by a club president on behalf of club to current District Governor.
  2. Presentation made at the District Conference or at a time determined by the current District Governor.
  3. Be received by the Selection Committee within a time frame determined by the Chair of the Selection Committee.

We have quite a few members who would qualify for this award so President Ron is looking into submitting some names.

On going 2018, 100% attendance.

It's a new year and Larry Myers and I decided we would take note of all members who are at 100% attendance for 2018 to see who would be left standing at the end of the year or until everyone drops off before the year ends.  One thing I need to make clear though, its based on our clubs physical attendance.....NO make ups will be counted on this list of names.  So, if you did not "weather the cold" on our first 2018 meeting, you are already out of the picture. That said....her are the 100% attendees to date:  STILL 5-

Roy Benson, Frank Gagnier, Joe Hastey, David Page and Roger Ganzel

Michele Manzie, RD
Michele is originally from Fernandina Beach FL. She attended UNF in Jacksonville FL where she obtained her bachelor's degree in Nutrition. She has been practicing as a Registered Dietitian since 2009 and has worked with both WIC and the YMCA since then. She is very passionate about helping people lead their best and healthiest lives.  I am confident Michele will have something to say about our lunches! wink
Aldo Morelli
"3-D Printing for Fun and Profit"

Aldo Morelli will be sharing his expertise and insight into the developing technology of 3D printing.   He will also be setting up a 3D printer and showing the Club some of the amazing things made possible with this new manufactuing technique.

For some additional backgound on 3D printing:  (Not Aldo's video....)

President Ron Heymann called the meeting to order-


Dr. Page lead the club singing "America"

Recited our "Pledge of Allegiance"

Followed by singing "Bring Me Sunshine and "You Are My Sunshine" 

Bonnie was back on the Piano!!!! smiley


Secretary, John McAfee Report:

In attendance were 30 Club Members

3 Honorary Members - Roger Ganzel, Larry Myers, Jim Hicks


Visiting Rotarians: Bob Ward, Ada, OH - Dick and Carol Stevenson from France, Beatrice De-beers from France and Tom Bley, St. Augustine, FL and Paul Hunt from Amelia Island Sunrise Club


Visiting GuestsRon Heymann, Sr., guest of President Ron Heymann, Jr.


50/50 Jack Pot:  $376  - Shannon Brown had the drawn ticket and drew the Ace of Hearts (a definite teaser). frown


Sergeant at Arms, Larry Melnick seeing how much money he can raise for the Boy Scouts and our Shelter Box. First, he has a few moments where he challenges us with Trivia questions and whoever gets the answer first, wins a prize (good old fashion lollipops). Fines are a dollar for each of the following infractions (honor system for the most part):

Not signing in, not wearing your Rotary pin or name tag, cell phone not put on silent and not shaking hands with the mystery Rotarian selected by the Sergeant at Arms prior to the meeting.  It's a lot of fun and we continue to raise money for these two causes.  However, most importantly, any one individual can contribute to the pot with Happy/Sad dollars and get to say what that is.  Thanks to Past President Brett Whitaker for bringing that idea to our club when he was President way back in the early 90's.  

Boy Scouts: $32

Shelter Box: $50 


John Howard, Community Services Report:

Next Blood Drive is scheduled for March 21st.  Boy Scout trash pick-up last Saturday was a bust...perhaps a reschedule is in order?


Pam Crouser, Club Membership:

Steve Stock who moved here as a Rotarian from Ft. Lauderdale has joined our club.  Welcome Steve!!


President Ron Heymann:

After attending the weekend summit in Orlando for President Elects, 2018/2019 year, he learned that our club is looking extremely good compared to many who are losing ground while struggling to raise money.  People were questioning his sanity being President back to back years.....we are sure thankful he is willing to do it but more importantly, Ron has the desire to "finish the job" if you will that he has laid out for our club to accomplish during his Presidency. We are behind Ron all the way!!

Of additional note, Amelia Island will be hosting all of the District 6970 Exchange Students over the weekend of May 19.  We are requesting volunteers to host a student - or two - for the weekend.  That is the same weekend as the District Assembly - where we will be entertaining 80-100 Rotarians from all over NE Florida.


Rotarian Coach Roy Benson introducing our guest speaker Laura DiBella, Executive Director, Nassau county Economic Development Board (NCEDB)


On going 2018, 100% attendance.

It's a new year and Larry Myers and I decided we would take note of all members who are at 100% attendance for 2018 to see who would be left standing at the end of the year or until everyone drops off before the year ends.  One thing I need to make clear though, its based on our clubs physical attendance.....NO make ups will be counted on this list of names.  So, if you did not "weather the cold" on our first 2018 meeting, you are already out of the picture. That said....her are the 100% attendees to date:  And then there were STILL 5-

Roy Benson, Frank Gagnier, Joe Hastey, David Page, Roger Ganzel


  Laura DiBella
  Executive Director
  Nassau County Economic Development Board (NCEDB)
As expected, Laura wowed the club with her knowledge and expertise of where we are at with Nassau County economic development programs and accomplishments:
She started things off with reminding us that Florida is one of the fastest growing states and the South East Region of the US is the fastest growing Region.  That said, here are the facts about our County:
Nassau County, Florida
Population: 79,731 and growing fast
32,697 Households - Median household income $59,249 - Median Home Price $253,200 ($139psf) w/ Amelia Island - Crime Index is 2.0
Nassau County has a rich history!  Oldest-known inhabitants of the island date back to 1500 BC1562:  Jean Ribault first recorded European visitor  1565:  St. Augustine was founded  Eight flags:  French, Spanish, British, Patriot, Green Cross, Mexican, Confederate and USA.  Authentic and historic Victorian Seaport and working waterfront.  Home to the oldest inn, lighthouse and saloon in the state of Florida.

Port of Fernandina:  A natural deep water port, shipping break bulk and containerized commodities.
Its principal cargo:  Forest products, wood pulp, treated lumber, hardwoods, steel billets, rebar, machinery, coils and GROWING!!
In 1861, the first cross state railroad, promoted by Senator David Yulee, connected the Port of Fernandina on the Atlantic Coast with Cedar Key on the Gulf Coast.
With a 37,056 Labor Force, Nassau is diverse yet still a rural county – with a Ritz and an “A” rated school district
Wood Manufacturing - Nassau County is a wood based manufacturing county and has been for close to 80 years. West Rock –79, Rayonier Advanced Materials –77, Rayonier –77, Masonite –18 (recent expansion), LignoTech Florida –announced in 2016!
One of the main attractions regarding the logistics of manufacturing in West Nassau county is the ability to reach over 50 million customers within an 8 hour drive time.  This is appealing to new manufacturing businesses.
Nassau County has access to:
Multiple Interstates and Highways (I-95, I-295, I-10, US 1, US 17, US 301) - Rail includes (Class 1 – CSX, Norfolk Southern, Class II – Florida East Coast, Class III – First Coast Railroad) - Available Seaports (from Crawford Diamond site) Port of Fernandina, JAXPORT, Port of Brunswick, Port of Savannah - Airports Jacksonville International Airport (JAX), Fernandina Municipal Airport
East Nassau Community Planning Area - Wildlight:  An area in West Nassau County 29 miles West of Jax Airport.
This is going to be a huge addition to Nassau County work force.  A 24,000 acre master-planned regional center, residential community and transportation hub.Home to the most diverse residential, office, retail, hospitality, healthcare and light industrial products. An estimated 20,000 rooftops, 20,000 jobs, 15 schools in total and a 2,900 acre Employment Center in development.
In progress, 3200 rooftops, 6.8 million sf entitled nonresidential.  An 800 student STEM elementary school and park finished- August 2017.  Rayonier headquarter office building also finished- August 2017. 
20ksf Corporate Office user YMCA. Healthcare alliance with University of Florida was announced in September 2017. Numerous hotels, restaurants, amenities and a 91 net acre light industrial parcel.  So far, this is all still on schedule for completion in 2020/2021.
The information Laura talked about goes on and on but I can' would needed to have been there.  So interesting and very well presented....thanks Laura for your time to update was greatly appreciated!!
I apologize ahead of time if I misquoted any of the above information.... 

President Ron Heymann called the meeting to order-


Dr. Page lead the club singing "God Bless America"

Recited our "Pledge of Allegiance"

Followed by singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"

I don't know about anyone else but I surely missed Bonnie on the Piano!!!!


Secretary, John McAfee Report:

In attendance were 25 Club Members

3 Honorary Members - Roger Ganzel, Larry Myers, Jim Hicks


Visiting Rotarians: Bob Ward, Ada, OH - Joe Gullo, Gatlinburg, TN - Kevin Wilson, N. Jacksonville - Jodi Collins, N. Jacksonville - Steve Stock, Ft. Lauderdale - Greg Lockhart, Camden, GA.


Visiting GuestsNo guests this week.


50/50 Jack Pot:  $346  - Some guy named Frank Gagnier that drew the 7 of hearts. frown


Boy Scouts: $20

Shelter Box: $22 We


John Howard, Community Services Report:

Next Blood Drive is scheduled for March 21st.


Boy Scouts Trash Pick-Up:  Met at Park Way and Baily Road....Pam Crouser step up to the plate, AGAIN, to lead the group as she filled in for Coach who couldn't be there.  All went well!


Welcome to our newest member Jonathan Levitt with President Ron Heymann and his sponsor Antoinette Richter.

Jonathan is a Commercial Loan Officer with Pineland Bank, Fernandina Beach, FL.  Jonathan is also Past Chair with the Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island and Yulee Chamber of Commerce and still sits on the Board.  Another great addition to our club.  



SOMETHING NEW:  On going 2018, 100% attendance.

It's a new year and Larry Myers and I decided we would take note of all members who are at 100% attendance for 2018 to see who would be left standing at the end of the year or until everyone drops off before the year ends.  One thing I need to make clear though, its based on our clubs physical attendance.....NO make ups will be counted on this list of names.  So, if you did not "weather the cold" on our first 2018 meeting, you are already out of the picture. That said....her are the 100% attendees to date:  And then there were 5

Roy Benson, Frank Gagnier, Joe Hastey, David Page, Roger Ganzel

Bicycling on Amelia Island


Local resident Phil Scanlan, Friends of AIT Inc. CEO, updated us on what's new and upcoming on Amelia Island's great bicycling trails.
Phil updated us on the proposed 5-year plan.  Even though they have made some progress with a few trails, they need the residents of the Island and surrounding communities to help support their efforts.  In doing so, they are not asking for any trail funds for 2018.  The Plan encompasses trails for cycling, walkways, greenway, coastal GA greenway and Timucuan parks.
AIT has been pursuing Recreational Trail grants one segment at a time.  Now it's time for the next step which is to develop a plan for a safe and connected trails for each community that meets both Recreations and Transportations needs.  This can best be accomplished by having the community, the City and the County work together.
Presently, AIT has been able to get 10 to 1 in grant money which is far greater than the 1 to 1 average.  However, Phil believes they could get 20 to 1 in grant money with better "community plans."
The sales tax on trail users purchases has been to be more than the pay for the annual trail maintenance expense.  Good, well maintained trails increase the value of homes and property tax income.
Mr. Scanlan stated that competition is with other Florida Counties applying for the same grants, Q of L ranking, Resident Satisfaction, Home Buyers and last but very important....Tourists generating tax revenues.
An interesting mention was when Phil said that Amelia Island could be the center of a treat "Cumberland to Timucuan trail - connecting two National Parks with meeting both the ECG (Federal) and SUN (State) funding priority criteria.
85% of all new Amelia Island trails are Multi-Use Paths and Bike Lanes paved with 21.4 miles along with another 30 miles of sidewalks, dirt, on road and bridge connections equaling about 51 miles of total AI Trails.
To accomplish what is needed for the next step, AIT will draft a Resolution for approval of:
1. Add Nassau Trails budget in a 5-year plan beginning in 2019.
2. Approve proposed 5-year AI Trail Plan (2018-2022):
     a. Supporting community grant eligibility, City commitments
     b. Assign annual Trail budget to Trail Planning Manager
     c. Establish an AI Trail team of 3 to update the 5-year AI Trail Plan annually
     d. Require and annual AI Trail 5 year plan progress report for commission approval
     e. Support FDOT bike lane additions & Sidewalk widening for 8th street this year
     f. AI Trail team to develop joint plans with Duval/Jax and GA Trails for a safe "Cumberland to Timucuan Trail"
     g. Request SUN AI Trail Grant ranking to be Amended in June of 2018.
What this all means is that AIT's goal is to help Amelia Island become the best place in Florida to Walk, Run and Bike Safely!!
  Laura DiBella
  Executive Director
  Nassau County Economic Development Board (NCEDB)
Laura DiBella hit the ground running when she took the helm in October 2014.  As a distant runner & competitor, her zest and desire to win has brought much energy and inspiration to the team at NCEDB.
A South Florida native, Laura is the daughter of two Sicilian immigrants and American entrepreneurs who taught her that anyone can live the American dream.  Laura’s career began with her father’s company, a machine shop, which earned the reputation as one of the most trusted high-precision Beryllium manufacturers in the United States having successfully completed numerous high-profile aerospace and defense projects, most notably the gyroscope housing for the Hubble Space Telescope. 
But as much as she loved her father and manufacturing, what she really loved was interacting with a lot of very diverse people, so shortly after graduating from the University of Florida, a young and ambitious Laura got her real estate license and started a marketing company, both of which brought her much success, representing many Fortune 500 companies and sharpening her ability to market and sell not only products to consumers but also real estate to end users, often the cornerstone of economic development.  Brokering deals on behalf of Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) is what ultimately led her to Nassau County.

Designated a rural county by the State of Florida, Nassau County is on the brink of major development due to its outstanding land and infrastructure assets, i.e. Crawford Diamond Industrial Park, an 1814+ acre dual Class I rail served (Norfolk Southern/CSX) mega-site entitled for 10.5 million square feet of heavy industrial space, as well as, the East Nassau Community Planning Area (ENCPA/Wildlight), a 24,000 acre sector plan entitled for 11 million square feet of mixed use space along with an estimated 20,000 rooftops - the majority of which has only recently been released and marketed to the business community. 

Laura's responsibilities include managing a budget, overseeing the day to day operations, managing business retention efforts, fundraising and heavily marketing Nassau County as a place to do business to the outside world. 

Her accomplishments since joining the NCEDB team include streamlining operations overall through outsourcing while increasing the budget through private fundraising by almost $100,000 to date.  In addition, she conducted a full overhaul of the by-laws, policies and entire organization which was required to operate in the Sunshine, a condition by the Nassau County Board of County Commissioners for funding.  Laura also oversaw the complete revamp of the website and marketing efforts, further positioning the county to aggressively compete in the heavy manufacturing arena.

Laura's most notable successes to date involve several diverse recruitment and expansion projects encompassing manufacturing to corporate headquarters to healthcare:
- LignoTech Florida 250,000sf manufacturing facility JV between Borregaard of Norway and Rayonier Advanced Materials, the largest manufacturing project in the history of the NCEDB, capturing $135 million in capital investment along with 50-70 advanced manufacturing jobs above 150% of Nassau County's average wage.
- Rayonier Headquarters at Wildlight consolidating three regional offices into one state of the art 55,000sf facility, employing 270.
- Masonite 300,000sf manufacturing facility expansion, adding 85 jobs.
- Baptist Nassau 30,000sf Surgery and Procedural Center expansion. 
- UF Health Alliance at Wildlight - two facilities totaling over 30,000sf.
- Florida Public Utilities 18,000sf Headquarters at Wildlight. 

Discussions are also ongoing with numerous other end users of all types interested in the area that collectively exceed, conservatively, over a billion dollars in capital investment and hundreds of jobs.  

In a nod to her success and to complement and enhance her efforts in economic development, in May 2017, Laura was appointed as Port Director for the Fernandina Ocean Highway and Port Authority, representing their interests on the Florida Ports Council and the Florida Seaport Transportation and Economic Development Council (FSTED).   

Why  She loves living in Nassau County:  The historic charm and also the kindness of the people, they define home.

Community Involvement:  Serves on the boards of the Nassau Education Foundation, Fernandina Beach Main Street, Community First Credit Union Advisory Council, Communities in Schools, Florida State College at Jacksonville School of Business Advisory CommitteeMcArthur Family YMCA and volunteers as a student mentor for Take Stock in Children Nassau County.
Craft Talks with Past Presidents:

Brett Whitaker-

After graduating from the University of Florida and dabbling with a different career, Brett came back home here to Fernandina Beach to work in the family business.  Soon after, his father encouraged Brett to join a local club that would engage him in community activities; hence, in 1988, he joined our club at age 26.
Back then, the club met at Chef Michael's restaurant on Centre St., where Amelia Tavern now occupies that space.  Interesting, is that one of the servers there was a young man named Aaron Bean
A Requirement back then, a new member had to provide 4 speakers for programs.  It was an all-male club at that time with about 50 members.
Brett's term as president was 1994-95.  The club met at the old Shoney's Inn banquet room on Sadler near the beach now with bout 80 members, and women were now welcomed. 
Attendance requirement at that time was at least 80% and you could not miss more than 3 consecutive meetings, grounds for dismissal. 
The primary fundraiser for scholarships back then was a food booth at the annual Shrimp Festival.  The Club sold Cajun shrimp, boiled corn, and bloomin' onions and netted about 3-5K, that depended on the weather.  All members worked the event or faced stiff fine.  It was hard work but great time of fellowship!  The club was beginning to evolve with different standards back then.
Sgt.-At-Arms was like a sergeant, fining for most anything he could think of.  Favorite was for men wearing pink shirts (now how funny is that to us now)?
That year, Brett personally began the tradition of "Happy Dollars", an idea he stole from a visit to the St. Mary's breakfast club!
A great story!
Frank Ridley -

After serving in several capacities at our club as Attendance Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and President-elect, Frank became President of our club in 2005-06 year replacing Past President Larry Myers.

Back then, the club met in the motel on Sadler Road then known as the Best Western. The lunch was wonderfully catered by “Chef Michael McCarroll” because the motel only had a bar and not a restaurant. The restaurant next door was Shoney's.

During his tenure, accomplishments were the following:

 -Started the Dictionary Project

 -Started the Rotary Club of Fernandina Beach Charitable Fund, Inc., our 501c(3) organization.

 -Auctioned a donated sports car in the Concours d’Elegance for which netted $24,000+ for the scholarships.

 -During the Clubs formal ball at the Ritz, the club auctioned off scholarships with tables of guests bidding and raised over      $30,000 during that event. The Club gave away over $55,000 in scholarships that year, including one for “Take          Stock in Children” for $6,000.

Also during Frank's tenure, the club celebrated our 80th birthday with an awards party at Walker’s Landing. All former Presidents and spouses were invited as guests.

The club also gave substantial support to the Boy Scout Troop and the Interact Club. The club’s faculty advisor, Dawn Carples, was made an honorary member and an honorary Paul Harris Fellow in our club.

The Clubs program chairman was local columnist and author Dickie Anderson.

I think one of Frank's greatest achievements that year was convincing his wife Bonnie Ridley to join the club and be our musician on the piano to help drown out some of our not so great voices when singing. wink

In summary, it was a great year that ended with increasing our membership from 80 to 115 Rotarians!  Wow!

Another great story!!

Dr. Jennifer Towles-

Dr. Towles was president of our club in 2007-2008 year.  The club had over 100 members.

During her tenure, The Club accomplished:

Sponsored the Amelia Island Morning Rotary Club to begin.

Started the Shelter Box with the help of Gertrude Baumgaerter and Dr. James Hicks

The Club also became a Paul Harris Society Club.

The exchange student that year was a young man named Kevin Melon and to this day, Dr Towles has kept in contact with him and he is doing well.

Dr. Towles Also mentioned how blessed she was to have attended two different Rotary International meetings thanks to our club.  

She also mentioned that she didn't care much for getting up in front of people and talking and still feels uncomfortable do so.  It sure didn't appear that way me.....she did great!!

Another great story!! 

Michele Manzie
Mar 21, 2018
Bonnie Ridley, Pam Brenner, Frank Gagnier
Mar 28, 2018
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"The Lakeside at Amelia Island"
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"The Survival of Independent Book Stores"
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